Foursquare Business Pages

In case you missed it, foursquare announced this week that any business can create its own foursquare page.  Until this point, foursquare partnered with companies on an individual basis so only about 3,000 or so organizations have business pages, and those businesses tended to be big brand names such as Intel, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany. 

It is interesting that foursquare started with geo-marketing and check-ins and is now moving to pages – while Facebook started with pages and is now moving to track check-ins. 

As for our clients, we are already working with them to set up their Facebook presence and anticipate doing the same with foursquare business pages. 

The new foursquare business pages will allow businesses to:

  • Communicate with the entire foursquare community with tips and check ins
  • Push check-ins to facebook and Twitter
  • Upload photos
  • Enable teams to manage the page

Foursquare will feature completed pages in its gallery.  Go to foursquare’s blog for more details.

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