Twitter and Brands

Are you using Twitter to engage with your customers and prospects?  If not, you may want to take note of some recent stats that indicate that Twitter is a great opportunity to interact one-to-one with a huge number of users.  Some recent research from eMarketer indicates that consumers are increasingly open to following brands and receiving promotional tweets.  When you combine this research with the sheer size of Twitter (Twitter reports it has over 200 million registered users) it is hard to ignore the potential.

Here are some highlights from eMarketer’s survey (click here  for the full results):

  • 30.6% of Twitter users are only engaging with one to five brands.  So, if you are interacting with a consumer on Twitter there is a good chance that person is not a frivolous contact but rather consistently follows favorite or most-used brands.
  • 77.8% of Twitter users follow brands – a huge percentage.  If you are not already doing so, you have a large opportunity to interact one-to-one with consumers on Twitter. 

At Engage121 we have clients who interact in real-time to improve customer service, send out promotions for local stores and outlets and to expand their brand’s identity and personality – one-to-one.  They are also leveraging Twitter to monitor what consumers are saying about their brands – and the competition. 

Some clients also use pre-approved Tweets in some instances to ensure compliance and a consistent brand message.

If you are not maximizing Twitter, we would love to show you how to leverage its huge potential. 

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