Client Letter Emailed February 9, 2012: Engage121 v2.1

I am delighted to announce the launch of Engage121 version 2.1, including:

  • Facebook Ads,
  • Integration of our new partners SocialFlow and Traackr, and
  • A new dashboard and enhanced permissions to help your workflow.

That means, as of today, Engage121 will:

Integrate paid placement. As social media continues to expand – exponentially! – your message risks getting lost in the noise. We believe that – for some messaging, some of the time – the solution is to pay for your message to persist. So, today we integrate Facebook Ads to allow you to turn each post published through Engage121 “Speak” into an on-target ad that gives your message hang time! Once you enable your account for Facebook Ads (your Account Manager will help), you will be prompted to target and promote your Facebook posts (these “ads” are displayed on right side of Facebook). Engage121 handles the entire process and we will simply invoice you for the cost of your Facebook promotions – but, of course, you control the budget. And, we’ll be adding new options – in Facebook and through other platforms – soon.

Open to new ideas and opportunities. We are as amazed as you are by the continuing innovation, creativity and technical sophistication that forward-thinking people have focused on social media. We work long and hard for you, but we cannot possibly keep pace with of all the great ideas out there. So, today we begin a process of integrating into Engage121 other companies’ products and features that we think you will find helpful. Of course, there will be an additional charge for many of these applications, but they will all be optional – you choose which, if any, you want to use. The benefit to you, of course, is that you will increasingly find the most useful and technologically advanced features all together inside your Engage121 account. We start today with:

  • SocialFlow. WHEN is the best time to post? SocialFlow “times” the distribution of your posts by comparing your content to the prevailing conversation. Your post is optimized to obtain the most reactions, such as retweets, comments and shares. When enabled, SocialFlow is fully integrated with Engage121 “Speak.” Currently, SocialFlow is limited to Twitter; Facebook is coming soon. Again, please ask your Account Manager about the SocialFlow new user promotion available now.
  • Traackr. WHO should you engage? One answer, of course, is that you should engage your “influencers.” But that begs the question – which influencers impact each part of your business? Traackr provides you targeted lists of influencers and then Engage121 integrates each list directly into a dedicated “Listen” page. Again, please ask your Account Manager about the Traackr new user promotion available now.

Focus on your workflow. Was it just a couple of years ago that all we had to worry about was following more than one Twitter account? Interest in social media has now spread throughout our organizations, from top to bottom and everyone in between. We need to ensure that Engage121 meets your needs – even as your needs get more complex:

  • Dashboard Upgrade. Our new dashboard offers easy access to charts and analytics, as well as convenient navigation to frequently-used features.
  • Agency and Multi-brand Dashboard. We have added new connection options to keep you in touch with your team, and more.
  • Permission Management. Need even more multi-tiered permission options to control access and content management? Now you have them.

Also, you might be interested in my recent post on the IBM report that is keeping CMOs awake at night. You guessed it; social media!

Your Account Manager will be calling soon to answer any questions.

And, please don’t hesitate to share any of your thoughts and suggestions directly with me,

Jon Victor, CEO

P.S. COMING SOON!  A new and enhanced Engage121 “Evaluate” that improves your analytics and reporting. I’ve seen the changes and my reaction is “Wow!” I expect yours will be, too.

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