Did Facebook’s change in EdgeRank really affect Reach?

I’ve read many articles in the last month from trusted resources in Social Media marketing that suggest Organic Reach has declined. Some argue that only a small sample of Facebook Business Pages were looked at, and so a correct analysis cannot be proven. Well, I suggest looking at your own data and seeing for yourself. Numbers do not lie my friends.

Since Facebook made their changes to EdgeRank on September 20th, I compared data from August 1st – August 31st vs. October 1st – October 31st. I took the average of the posts for those months using data I directly exported from Facebook. This is the data I compared for those dates:

In summary: it does not appear that EdgeRank has had a significant impact to our Facebook Business Page, or that Reach has decreased. The biggest change in the data above is Total Impressions, I would like to attribute this to EdgeRank but I also need to factor in my 35% decrease in ad spend for the month of October.

However, my eyes do not lie, and I do know that I have seen less likes and comments per post since September 20th. As of today I can not prove that reach has declined, but tomorrow may be another story.

If you would like to learn more about Facebook’s EdgeRank changes I’ve posted links to many helpful articles below. What do your numbers tell you?


EdgeRank Checker:
→The only new revelation is the increase in the weight of Negative Feedback.

→So to determine if any given Page post shows up in the news feed, Facebook looks at four main factors.

SocialMedia Today:
→In plain English, basically if a post has lots likes and comments it will be shown more than posts that don’t have lots of likes and comments.

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