Social Media Marketing is a 24/7 job

I’m a community manager so I know the routine. You wake up and immediately check any mentions about your brand online, across all of the social networks. You also check for mentions right before you fall asleep, not to mention at least once an hour everyday.

At Engage121, our clients use social media 24/7 like I do and our goal is to make it easier for them with our software, when they’re in the office and when they’re not. Our new iPhone app will make the job of a community manager much easier.

We’ve updated our existing iPhone app to include the same functionality you have when you are using Engage121 on your desktop. Here are a few things you do while you’ re in the office, and that you need to do when you’re on the go as well. This is also a great checklist for you to use, before you download an app that claims to help you with your community management tasks.

Mentions: you need to know immediately if someone mentions your brand online, good or bad. We’ve all seen what happens when you ignore mentions online and the PR crisis hits and spirals out of control. Now you can monitor any time of day, easily on your iPhone.

Manage Scheduled Posts: You read a great article earlier in the day and you scheduled it to go out later that night, but shoot Facebook just took away that functionality. You need to delete that post before it goes out and damages your credibility. The new iPhone app allows you to delete posts that are scheduled in your Planner.

Publish great content, on the fly: While you’re monitoring for brand mentions you dive into your newsfeed to read one last article before you end your day, and it’s GREAT.  You want to publish it to your social networks and you need to do it now since it’s during the evening hours while your community is most engaged . You can now easily share links on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn groups and elsewhere in the iPhone app the same way you do on your desktop through Engage121.

Alert team members: Someone has asked you a question on Twitter and you responded but  you know that it’s definitely something that customer service needs to handle. You can send notifications to  your Connect121 contacts in the iPhone app. There’s no need to open Outlook, tag them in an update so they see the notification as soon as they get into the office.

We’re really excited about our updated iPhone app, and I would be very excited to hear your thoughts. Do you like the app? Do you need more functionality? Let me know, that’s what I’m here for – to make your job easier.

Happy Posting!





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