Facebook Advertising, Do’s and Don’ts

Have you been thinking about using Facebook Ads to promote a new product or service, or maybe promote a post on your timeline to gain more visibility for your business page? Before you hit that submit button you need to be aware of Facebook’s Advertising guidelines, or  your ad may not get approved.

Yup, Facebook approves every ad before it goes live, they guarantee to do so within 24 hours if you submit your ad on a business day. Usually it only takes a few hours for your ad to be approved and start receiving clicks and impressions. Here are the guidelines you need to know so you do not get stuck in “pending approval” mode.

Ads must always:
-apply appropriate targeting.
-comply with the Pages Terms that are generated through Page posts, and promote a sweepstakes, contest, competition or offer.
-clearly represent the company, product, service, or brand that is being advertised.
-lead to a functioning landing page that does not interfere with a user’s ability to navigate away from the page. 

-comply with all applicable local laws if promoting or referencing alcohol. 

Ads must NOT:
-include images comprised of more than 20% text.
-never use targeting criteria to provoke users.
-offend users, be false, deceptive or misleading or contain spam.
-contain or promote illegal products or services.
promote the sale or use of adult products or services.
-be shocking, sensational or disrespectful, or portray excessive violence. 
-promote or facilitate the sale or consumption of illegal or recreational drugs, tobacco products, or drug or tobacco paraphernalia.
-promote the sale of prescription pharmaceuticals.
-promote the sale or use of weapons, ammunition, or explosives.
-constitute, facilitate or promote illegal activity.
insult, attack, harass, bully, threaten, demean or impersonate others.
contain “hate speech,” whether directed at an individual or a group.
-target to minors that promote products or services that are illegal for use by minors in their jurisdiction. 

-Ads that receive a significant amount of negative user feedback may be removed. You can help ensure that you will not receive negative feedback by advertising good, relevant content to a targeted audience for your business.

I recently wrote a post discussing the 7 things you need to consider before using Facebook Ads. which you may find helpful for learning how to target your ad to the right type of Facebook users for your business.

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