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For those of you who’ve heard me speak in the past, you know I’ve been making a case for social media in real estate for far too long now, but limited schedules have prevented adoption.  The skill sets of real estate professionals and strengths of social media are so well-matched; it pains me to still see you guys not leveraging it. As an industry that relies on relationship building and local, social media marketing is the perfect match.

The purpose for this post is to share results Engage121 is seeing from real estate professionals using our new cutting-edge social media software solution that helps them build their social communities by providing daily content and guidance for community development… while saving time and resources. So, as Warner Wolf used to say, “Let’s go to the video tape.” (In this case, data.) 

• Over the past 7 days, agents and brokers sent over 450 ready-to-post content posts provided daily by Engage121.
• Among those same real estate clients, we’ve seen an average community growth of 4% over the last 30 days. These same customers saw an increase in reach across their networks of 411,000.
• Over the past 30 days, some agents have experienced community growth over 30% on their social networks.
• Individual users (Agents/Brokers) have experienced an average growth of 27 new community members during the same period, and an average reach increase of 4,500.
Users that sent no posts over the past 7 days saw an average community growth of 2%.  While users who sent 3 posts or more per week averaged a community growth of 6.5%!

Here are some testimonials from existing Engage121 users:

My efforts with Social Media for Real Estate total about 15 minutes a day and we are closing deals from Social Media every month!
-Terkel Sorensen, REALTOR® 

“It’s just doable. It just makes using social media very easy!”
– Glenn Bennett, Owner/Broker, Cowles Mountain Realty 

“Social Solutions makes social media marketing simple.   It was easy to work this platform into my schedule.  This is a Real Estate marketing game-changer.”
– Luke Middleton, Managing Director, Canter Brokerage

“Using Social Solutions made it easy for me because they already have the content, all you need to do is share it. How easy is that?”
– Lucy Rosenberg, ERA Curasi Realty, Associate Broker 

So what are the takeaways from this data?
1. Social does work for real estate professionals like you
2. You should listen to the folks who are using the software
3. There are a few key habits to help make you successful:
       a. Post great content that is Relevant, Interesting or Entertaining.
       b. Be consistent in engaging your community.
       c. Use social advertising to promote your pages. 

Seriously, Engage121 helps real estate professionals do all three of these things and more to drive more business opportunities.  My advice, get it now! 

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