Monitoring will affect every dollar you make

You’re now using social media to market your business, great job! You’re one step ahead of your competition.  You’re constantly posting relevant, helpful information online to your followers and you’ve been growing your communities. Wow, you’re  a rockstar – well almost. Are you monitoring those accounts?

If you’re publishing great content and you have built a following for your business then chances are you’ve receiving comments, and if you’re not receiving comments you’re definitely receiving likes. Are you saying thank you? Have you responded to those comments that are asking questions, such as how much do you charge for a home inspection?

Here are 3 reasons why you need to respond:

1. Leads:
Responding to comments and thanking your visitors for liking your content will keep them coming back. You’ll be showing an appreciation for their efforts and in turn they will hopefully share your content to help increase visibility for your business. Also you’ll start to build a relationship with these followers and they will be more likely to buy/purchase from you since you have proven that you are an expert in your industry wit that great content you’ve been sharing.

2. Reputation:
Responding to comments and showing appreciation for your followers proves that you are an actual person, not just a robot posting information to the universe. When new followers visit your page(s) they will see that you are active, knowledgeable, and a professional in your industry. This greatly improves your online reputation, as opposed to when a new visitor stumbles across you, you haven’t updated your page in a month, and you have neglected to respond to comments. Remember, 63% of people are more likely to buy products from brands who integrate social media.

3. Customer Loyalty:
After a customer purchases one of your products/services you’re asking them to keep in touch with you online by liking your Facebook Business Page, following you on Twitter, etc. Great idea! However, if you’re asking your customers to connect with you online then you need to give them a reason why they should do so. You’ve previously improved their everyday life with your product/service, now you need to continue to do so online by sharing helpful tips & information. This way you can ensure repeat business and hopefully future referral business.

Have you acquired a new customer on a social network?

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