Social Media Assistant

A concierge service that runs your social media for you, so you can run your business

The Social Media Assistant team provides:

  • Posts to all Social Media sites, 3-5 times/week
  • Responses to Social Media comments and consumer reviews
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Ad campaign management, including $25/mo. in Facebook ads

Build Communities

Professionally, hand-picked curated content specific to your social media sites 3-5 times/week keeps your business up-to-date and relevant.

Strengthen Engagement

Customer relationships are vital to every business. Customers expect businesses/brands to listen, respond and take action on their comments. The Engage121 SMA team monitors and respnds on your behalf, involving you when needed. This allows you to manage your business reputation, build strong customer interactions and a loyal community without having to lift a finger.

Generate Leads

Leads are the springboard to sales. Generating leads and creating a relationship with each lead is vital to a business’s survival. The buying process of modern day customers has changed and become much more opportunistic. They are constantly checking and/or searching for what they want and jumping on a deals when they see them. The Social Media Assistant concierge service provides regular promotions to deliver ongoing lead generation.

Community Growth

On average our clients see a 30-40% increase in their fans & followers each month

Active Engagements

We address all posts and forward all relevant reviews to you!

Lead Generation

Our cost per lead is 1/3 of the industry average. Costing you an average of only $2.50 per lead.

Ask about our pre-payment specials!