Social Media enables us to “tell a story” about our brands like no other platform can.

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Guy Kawasaki (former executive for Apple) was “awe-inspiring” at IFA, driving “real” meaning to the Social Media discussion and debate over usability.  He explained social media “practically” and elaborated on how social media enables us to “tell a story” about our brands like no other platform can.

He began by explaining that to transform your brand into a masterpiece, such as Apple did, your brand must successfully accomplish three factors in the social media: Likeability, Trustworthiness and Quality.

Guy suggested that by using these three factors, you can add personality to your brand and emotionally touch your consumer. As all of us iPhone users know, we do not own an iPhone exclusively for its millions of apps that enhance our lives, but because of the sleek and elegant design. It’s sexy; it makes us feel sexy, intelligent, productive and successful. The aura around Apple products makes you feel that you will not live another day if you do not own one. As brand proprietors, we should all aspire to do this for our brands.

You might ask…How was that message conveyed when it is attached to a piece of technology? By putting a story behind the message and finding the right people to tell that story; not just twitter users with 10,000+ followers, but those with only fifteen.  They are the tweeps who have the time to write about your product and become passionate about your brand.

Guy also mentioned, “Solving problems”. Guy explains the Apple problem/solution… “You’ve created your computer company because the only way you could access a computer was to visit a library, you thought there must be a better way, so you launched Apple.” Your computer company has just solved an everyday problem.

Guy also explained the importance of input and reciprocation.  Start with asking your customers for their support, even if they’ve already given it to you. After they’ve re-tweeted you, proceed to say thank you, then tweet them a link to a customer survey. People want to help you; you just need to let them know how. They want to feel that their input matters and is valued.  After you’ve received their input, keep in mind, it’s CRITICAL to reciprocate… ask how you might help them; this becomes your opening to the continuing dialogue.

A few more takeaways:
ENGAGE & DO IT FAST: Each post lasts 2-3 hours, so hurry!
SELL YOUR DREAM: Enchant your customer; don’t focus on money/product dump; tell a STORY to sell your product.
REMOVE THE SPEED BUMPS: Make it easy for your customer to connect with you, especially online.

“Social Media is a means to an end; the end game is enchantment of your customer.  Social Media isn’t the only way, it’s ONE GREAT way.”

I would love to hear your takeaways, please post them below.



- Jennifer MacDonald, Director of Community & Client Engagement

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