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New Features and Updates Released for the Corporate Social Media Application

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Figured out how to use “social” to market your business yet?

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It is a challenge to figure out how to use social media to market your local business.

“Even though small business owners understand how important social media is to their success, for the most part it’s still a theoretical understanding. They’re not taking advantage of social media’s full potential.” says best Selling author Steven D. Strauss

That’s where Engage121 comes in.

Engage121 helps companies and small businesses use Social Media for its true business potential – building local audiences and local business opportunities.


For the past 4 years, we have focused our efforts on small businesses, and organizations with multi-location presences. Examples of the firms we focus on are franchise businesses, dealerships, brokerages, banks & branches, non-profits with chapters, and any other hub-and-spoke organization that recognize the leverage they possess in building brand and driving sales with their local outlets using social media.

Today, Engage121 is enhancing our service with the release of v1.1 of our Local Social solutions (we call it “OA3”). Our latest version launches today with the following new features and additions:

  • Hot Content Impact Scores – to help users identify the content that is more likely to be of interest to their community
  • Google+ integration – for improved SEO and broader cross-posting
  • FourSquare integration– one of the original, and still one of the best, local platforms
  • Monitor Consumer Review Sites, including Google+ Local, Yelp – because it’s all about local


Are you interested in learning more about Engage121’s social media management solutions for local businesses? If so, click here to



Social Media Marketing is a 24/7 job

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I’m a community manager so I know the routine. You wake up and immediately check any mentions about your brand online, across all of the social networks. You also check for mentions right before you fall asleep, not to mention at least once an hour everyday.

At Engage121, our clients use social media 24/7 like I do and our goal is to make it easier for them with our software, when they’re in the office and when they’re not. Our new iPhone app will make the job of a community manager much easier.

We’ve updated our existing iPhone app to include the same functionality you have when you are using Engage121 on your desktop. Here are a few things you do while you’ re in the office, and that you need to do when you’re on the go as well. This is also a great checklist for you to use, before you download an app that claims to help you with your community management tasks.

Mentions: you need to know immediately if someone mentions your brand online, good or bad. We’ve all seen what happens when you ignore mentions online and the PR crisis hits and spirals out of control. Now you can monitor any time of day, easily on your iPhone.

Manage Scheduled Posts: You read a great article earlier in the day and you scheduled it to go out later that night, but shoot Facebook just took away that functionality. You need to delete that post before it goes out and damages your credibility. The new iPhone app allows you to delete posts that are scheduled in your Planner.

Publish great content, on the fly: While you’re monitoring for brand mentions you dive into your newsfeed to read one last article before you end your day, and it’s GREAT.  You want to publish it to your social networks and you need to do it now since it’s during the evening hours while your community is most engaged . You can now easily share links on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn groups and elsewhere in the iPhone app the same way you do on your desktop through Engage121.

Alert team members: Someone has asked you a question on Twitter and you responded but  you know that it’s definitely something that customer service needs to handle. You can send notifications to  your Connect121 contacts in the iPhone app. There’s no need to open Outlook, tag them in an update so they see the notification as soon as they get into the office.

We’re really excited about our updated iPhone app, and I would be very excited to hear your thoughts. Do you like the app? Do you need more functionality? Let me know, that’s what I’m here for – to make your job easier.

Happy Posting!





How much do you really know about your Twitter followers?

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Do you know where they shop? You should. Here’s why, imagine you’re creating a new marketing campaign that is focused on Twitter for a new product, and you’re looking to offer coupons for this new product but you’re not sure which features will redeem the most coupons. If you know where your customers shop, you’d know which stores you should offer coupons at, and drive your customers where they want to shop. Which in turn will help you build customer loyalty.

How can you determine where your followers shop? Our new Twitter demographics chart in Engage121, enables you to glean this type of marketing intelligence. Our new chart provides users aggregated opinion data about your followers’ preferences for brands, hobbies, sports, schools, restaurants, travel and more. So, you can better understand your customers’ habits, profiles and preferences.


This new feature provides you with powerful info-graphics describing your Twitter audience, revealing:

  • Whether they are male or female.
  • Their interests.
  • Where they like to shop and eat.
  • Who they follow.
  • How active they are.
  • The languages they speak.
  • Their family status.
  • …and much more.

What do you know about your Twitter followers?

Give your customers a reason to choose you!

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Are you looking for potential customers online who are deciding between your brand and your competitor’s brand? Search for these conversations, politely join the conversation, and give them a reason to choose you!

People use social media to decide where to shop, eat, or buy stuff online — and they often post about the options they are considering. Searching for your brand name online, in places such as Twitter and Instagram, is where you can find those posts and join those conversations, giving you the opportunity to influence those customers’ decisions.

With Engage121, you can quickly save that search. This search crawls the web, looking for your brand name across all the major social networks, review sites, and blogs. All you need to do is take 15 minutes a day and join the conversations you find.

Social commerce initiatives like this will become more and more important as companies recognize their value. Engage121 continues to support social commerce efforts with best practices and features that help our clients drive incremental revenue.

J.D. Power and Associates recently reported on how poor Social Media practices can negatively impact a business’s bottom line and brand image. You’ve worked hard to get your brand where it is today; don’t let it deteriorate by ignoring where your customers are talking about you.

Use timely Content topics to Elevate your Online Reputation

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Have you ever been a victim of publisher’s block? You know you need to post to Facebook, send multiple tweets, because you didn’t yesterday, but you can not find anything to post, tweet, or even like? Yeah I’ve been there.

Here’s one suggestion, search for events that are going on that day or even that week/month. Did you know that this past Monday was “National Clean your Desk off Day?” Wouldn’t that make for a great post? Everyone can relate to it, and everyone probably needs to do it.  How easy would it be to snap a picture of a co-worker’s desk that looks like a hurricane hit it? If you don’t have a desk in your office that needs to be cleaned you can mess one up pretty easy.

For our clients we’ve made it easier for you to find these timely topics to
post about. You can take advantage of the AP Planner feature located in your Engage121 account. Here’s a PDF that shows how you can leverage this great resource now! Just visit your Planner, click on the Manage tab and then the Search button. You can browse a wealth of topics with categories like:

-Awareness Days

This way when you can’t find anything to post in a couple of weeks, on January 28th, you can reward yourself with a post because it’s Community Manager Appreciation Day!

Where do you look when you can’t find any content to share? 

Do you Google+?

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Do you? Almost everyone uses Google to search the web, but have you ventured to the “other” side of Google? The plus (+) side?

There are many benefits for going to the “plus” side, some are:

• Google+ results may appear in relevant searches.
• When you +1 an article, your friends may be able to see your recommendation when they search.
• Google+ Circles provides an excellent platform to segment
your audience.
• Google+ showcases Zagat ratings on local restaurants
and much more…

In fact, the opinions of friends, family or other trusted sources are often the first we seek when looking for the perfect restaurant for date night or the cafe that makes the best latte ever. —Google

But what does this have to do with Google+ for business? Well, if you add the +1 or Google+ share buttons to your website/blog, this enables your visitors to rate and share your content on Google. Social Media is based on friend’s recommendations, and your customers should be able to see those recommendations if they’re logged into their Google+ account.

If you search for [tacos] on Google+ Local, your results might include a friend’s rave review of the Baja-style taco stand in your neighborhood.  And if you’re searching on Google or Google Maps for a great place to buy a gift for that same friend, your results might include a review from her about a boutique she shops at all the time. —Google

Google+ now in Engage121

It’s not Facebook. Google+ doesn’t have as many active users as Facebook, but this is Google we’re talking about and they basically own the web in terms of search. If you’re looking to improve SEO for your business, this should be a no-brainer.

…and it gets easier. Engage121 now supports Google+ pages. Only 17 applications have the Google+ API and we’re one of them! Although, we’re not  here to brag, we’re announcing this today because we’re excited to show our clients how they can  improve their SEO and gain better brand awareness through Social Media by using Google+.




What will you be able to access in Engage121 in relation to your Google+ page?

♦ Management of multiple Google+ Pages
♦ Publishing on your Google+ Pages
♦ Post status updates, rich links, and photos to your Google+ page(s)
♦ Monitoring and responding to your Google+ Page connections
♦ Review all posts made by the connected Google+ pages and the people and pages they follow
♦ Comment on posts as the Google+ page
♦ Delete your own posts/comments and any comments on your posts made by others

Simply put, checking a box for Google+ when publishing content, can improve how you appear on Google organically.  So are you going to the “plus” side?


The power of Facebook Insights

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Are you trying to get more likes on your Facebook Business Page, or more comments when you post? Facebook Insights could be the key.

Have you recently dived into your insights, to see if the majority of your followers are male or female? How about the average age of your followers? This data should influence the type of content you are posting daily, as well as the time of day you post.

If the majority of your followers are male, you might want to ease up on the posts about Pinterest, since nearly 80% of Pinterest’s users are women. The average age of my followers for Engage121’s Facebook page is between the age of 35-44, and so, I try not to post too often about Instagram, due to their audience average of 18-34.

These analytics only give you a starting point, what you should really be looking at is your Post Level data; here you can see which posts received the most engagement.  Once you’ve determined your top 10 posts for the month/week, then review what type of content you were posting and what time of day. Use this as a guide to see if you can increase your reach and comments for the next month/week.

If your numbers don’t improve, then it’s time to try something else. Keep experimenting, Facebook is constantly changing and so are your followers and what they want to see/read. Also, don’t be afraid to ask them the type of content they like. I recently posted a poll on Facebook (focused on business needs in Social Media) with four options, to see what my followers wanted to read. The #1 answer was how to increase sales using Social Media. (surprise, surprise)

Are you using a Social Media Management Solution to do your posting and engaging? Your tool should have Facebook Insights included, so multiple log-ins aren’t necessary. You should be able to check your Facebook Insights at the same time you post, to ensure that you are posting relevant, timely content that has your audience will most likely respond to.

We recently added a full suite of Facebook Analytics to Engage121, even some metrics that you cannot preview natively in Facebook. Such as the exact number of your followers for age and location, not just a percentage. Also we let you filter your data by what is most important to you. If you want to see the posts that received the most Reach, just click on Reach and we’ll stack rank your data so those posts go from most to least, not by newest post to oldest post.

What is the #1 data point you need Facebook Insights for?

Not just Real-Time, Your-Time Customer Service

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Supplier - Customer conversation:

Thank you for inquiry, someone from our office will respond to your question in the next 3 business days. Thank you for being our client.

What?! I need an answer now. My “like” button disappeared; I need to like this post asap, in order to win a $25 gift card to TastiDLite. I can’t wait 3 days, aagggghh.

….and that’s how it starts. Everything we do today is in “real-time,” brushing our teeth, tweeting about brushing our teeth, taking the trash out, posting a picture of the garbage truck: “Aren’t they the best garbage guys ever?!”

Marketing our business is in real-time. Immediately after Ryan Lochte won the gold in swimming at the 2012 Olympics, AT&T’s commercial showed a young swimmer athlete writing a new time for his goal on his eraser board, and the number was the exact number Ryan Lochte swam in the match where he won gold, 3 seconds before air time.

Consumers today want/need immediate support for the products they love, and if they do not receive it they will no longer be a customer. To fight this new battle we’ve enabled our clients to provide real-time customer service in the Engage121 application. We previously launched Customer Care, and in the coming this weeks we are rolling out even more features to let you handle crises that arrive through social media. You can email these complaints/concerns to your support team, have them email a response back to you in the application (not Outlook), archive your discussions and export your data for the C-Suite.

Today we’re taking it one step further, and walking in our client’s shoes as the saying goes. The Engage121 LIVE chat is here!

When you are logged into Engage121 click the blue chat icon in the upper right and you will immediately be connected to a member of our client support team. They are there to help you figure out why your “like” button disappeared, as well as remind how you can re-tweet Lady Gaga. If you don’t have a problem, and instead are feeling lonely, feel free to write us anyway. We love to chat!


What is the #1 product you own that you wish provided real-time customer service?