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Monitoring will affect every dollar you make

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You’re now using social media to market your business, great job! You’re one step ahead of your competition.  You’re constantly posting relevant, helpful information online to your followers and you’ve been growing your communities. Wow, you’re  a rockstar – well almost. Are you monitoring those accounts?

If you’re publishing great content and you have built a following for your business then chances are you’ve receiving comments, and if you’re not receiving comments you’re definitely receiving likes. Are you saying thank you? Have you responded to those comments that are asking questions, such as how much do you charge for a home inspection?

Here are 3 reasons why you need to respond:

1. Leads:
Responding to comments and thanking your visitors for liking your content will keep them coming back. You’ll be showing an appreciation for their efforts and in turn they will hopefully share your content to help increase visibility for your business. Also you’ll start to build a relationship with these followers and they will be more likely to buy/purchase from you since you have proven that you are an expert in your industry wit that great content you’ve been sharing.

2. Reputation:
Responding to comments and showing appreciation for your followers proves that you are an actual person, not just a robot posting information to the universe. When new followers visit your page(s) they will see that you are active, knowledgeable, and a professional in your industry. This greatly improves your online reputation, as opposed to when a new visitor stumbles across you, you haven’t updated your page in a month, and you have neglected to respond to comments. Remember, 63% of people are more likely to buy products from brands who integrate social media.

3. Customer Loyalty:
After a customer purchases one of your products/services you’re asking them to keep in touch with you online by liking your Facebook Business Page, following you on Twitter, etc. Great idea! However, if you’re asking your customers to connect with you online then you need to give them a reason why they should do so. You’ve previously improved their everyday life with your product/service, now you need to continue to do so online by sharing helpful tips & information. This way you can ensure repeat business and hopefully future referral business.

Have you acquired a new customer on a social network?

Social Media Marketing is a 24/7 job

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I’m a community manager so I know the routine. You wake up and immediately check any mentions about your brand online, across all of the social networks. You also check for mentions right before you fall asleep, not to mention at least once an hour everyday.

At Engage121, our clients use social media 24/7 like I do and our goal is to make it easier for them with our software, when they’re in the office and when they’re not. Our new iPhone app will make the job of a community manager much easier.

We’ve updated our existing iPhone app to include the same functionality you have when you are using Engage121 on your desktop. Here are a few things you do while you’ re in the office, and that you need to do when you’re on the go as well. This is also a great checklist for you to use, before you download an app that claims to help you with your community management tasks.

Mentions: you need to know immediately if someone mentions your brand online, good or bad. We’ve all seen what happens when you ignore mentions online and the PR crisis hits and spirals out of control. Now you can monitor any time of day, easily on your iPhone.

Manage Scheduled Posts: You read a great article earlier in the day and you scheduled it to go out later that night, but shoot Facebook just took away that functionality. You need to delete that post before it goes out and damages your credibility. The new iPhone app allows you to delete posts that are scheduled in your Planner.

Publish great content, on the fly: While you’re monitoring for brand mentions you dive into your newsfeed to read one last article before you end your day, and it’s GREAT.  You want to publish it to your social networks and you need to do it now since it’s during the evening hours while your community is most engaged . You can now easily share links on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn groups and elsewhere in the iPhone app the same way you do on your desktop through Engage121.

Alert team members: Someone has asked you a question on Twitter and you responded but  you know that it’s definitely something that customer service needs to handle. You can send notifications to  your Connect121 contacts in the iPhone app. There’s no need to open Outlook, tag them in an update so they see the notification as soon as they get into the office.

We’re really excited about our updated iPhone app, and I would be very excited to hear your thoughts. Do you like the app? Do you need more functionality? Let me know, that’s what I’m here for – to make your job easier.

Happy Posting!





Next up is Meredith, our newest rockstar

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Social Media is all about Transparency, and showing that you are actually a human not just a business. To stay on that path I feature the newest members of our team here so you can get to know who is behind our software, who is on the other line of the telephone and behind the email. I would like to introduce you to Meredith Klein-Hertzel, Program Manager.

Background: I was born in Daegu City, South Korea and was adopted when I was 5 months old.  I spent my first few years in Massachusetts and then we moved to Connecticut where I lived up until I went to college.  I swore to myself that after high school I would move as far away from Connecticut as possible.  I moved back to Connecticut less than a year after I was done with college.

College: I went to Bentley University in Waltham, MA where I majored in Information Design & Corporate Communication with a concentration in public relations.  Say that five times fast 

Hobbies: I love almost anything and everything having to do with being in or on the water.  I try and spend as much time as I can on a boat over the summer months.  I don’t care that I live an hour outside New York, I’m a crazed Boston sports fan and proud of it! I love live music in all shapes and sizes and try to go to as many concerts as possible.  One of my favorite things to do is wine and dine with my friends.  I’m a big fan of cooking a big meal but love going out and experiencing a great meal as well.

Experience: In my pre-Engage121 life, I was an account director at a technology company.  I sold video streaming technologies for qualitative market research.

One thing you’d never guess about me
: Of all the things in the world you can have phobias of (spiders, heights, snakes, small spaces, etc.), I’m terrified of helium balloons.  A fear I’m not proud of, but it is what it is.

What is your goal for being at Enage121? I hope to continue to learn about the ever-changing world of social media so I can contribute to an effective and enjoyable experience for our clients.

Comment below to welcome Meredith to the team. She’d love to hear from you!

Google Reader is dead but Engage121 is still alive

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Are you wondering how you’re going to read your favorite blogs everyday? The news hit me hard too but I’m here to provide a few alternatives, and for Engage121 clients it’s super easy!

There are many RSS readers out there, I myself loved Google’s tool since it was linked to all of my Google accounts but there’s no need to bite your nails. There are many readers you can switch to, such as Flipboard, Feedly, Pulse and don’t forget about Outlook. You can read more options on Social Media Today they list some of the best and how you can easily export your Google Reader data.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could read all of your favorite blogs in the same place where you monitor all of your social media networks, engage and publish content from your friends and influencers? In Engage121 you can do just that!

If you are an Engage121 client all you need to do is visit your Account tab. Once you are there, click on Contacts and then Blogs I Follow. You will see Add a Blog with a small + sign, simply click the icon, fill out the boxes, and Ta-Da your blog feeds are now in your Engage121 account. You can easily read your blog feeds by visiting your Listen tab, which is in the same place where you are already reading all of your social content. Yes, we make it easy!

What is your #1 RSS reader?


The new Engage121 Social Media Ninjas, meet Renata & Aisha

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We have a rocking team here at Engage121, we have superstars in every department. When you are one of our clients you will interact with all of us, so I thought it would be great to give you a little information and let you get to know the woman behind the phone or email.

Renata Paglio, Client Services Coordinator

Background: I grew up in Portland, Maine and you could either find me near the ocean, in dance class, or on a theater stage.  These three things give way to my extensive knowledge of crustaceans, ballet & tap combinations, and Broadway musicals. I am a typical life-long New Englander where I could not imagine living anywhere else April through October and then cursing the cold weather November through March. After graduating college, I moved to the Boston-area for four years where my obsession with the city and the Red Sox continued to flourish.

Education: I went to Wheaton College, in Norton, MA. I graduated with a Major in Economics and a minor in Management

Hobbies:  My dog – Brody, following the Red Sox, Theater, Golf, Swimming, Dancing, attempting to be a “foodie”, and getting to the beach as much as possible

Experience: Before Engage121, I worked for a video conferencing solutions provider in a sales support role and training development role in New York City.




One thing you’d never guess about me: I was a Synchronized Swimmer in college

What is your goal for being at Enage121? I hope to broaden my knowledge of the social media spectrum at Engage121. I enjoy that social media constantly changes and provides new challenges and opportunities. I’m looking forward to contributing to the Client Services team and adding to the client experience.






Aisha Rasul, Account Director

Background: I was born in Trinidad & Tobago and moved to Florida as a child. A few years later, I moved to Virginia, where I lived for over 20 years. I recently followed my passion for social media up the coast to Connecticut to further my career at Engage121.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Finance from George Mason University.

Experience: I worked for the last 10 years doing contact center management and project management at Navy Federal Credit Union. Ultimately, my enthusiasm for innovation led me to become a key strategist for the creation of their social media channel, and that’s where my social media career was born.

Hobbies: Visiting different places (love United Arab Emirates, San Francisco), attending concerts, cooking healthy meals, reading, fashion, fitness, tea.

What is your goal for being at Engage121? I’m looking forward to showing companies how Engage121’s social media management software socializes and grows business.

One thing you’d never guess about me: I love the full spectrum of music. I can chill out to classical, rock out to metal (Metallica had one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended), or anything in between.











Send Renata & Aisha a tweet to welcome them to the team. They’d love to hear from you! Who are your Social Media Ninjas?

The Instagram party has begun…

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                                                                                                       …….at Engage121! 

Instagram reported in January that they currently have 90 million Monthly Active Users. They receive 40 million Photos Per Day, 8,500 Likes Per Second and 1,000 Comments Per Second. Is your head spinning yet? 

You’re probably wondering if your brand needs to be on Instagram. The first step to determine that is to do a hashtag search of your brand on Instagram. If your product is used on a daily basis, you’ll likely find that people are already taking photos of your products and tagging them on Instagram. 

At Engage121 we think you should be marketing your brand on Instagram, which is why we integrated it into our software. But before you do, remember that this isn’t a billboard—it’s a conversation.

Here are some helpful tips for using Instagram for Business:
1. Share compelling content- content they can’t find anywhere else
2. Tell your story – visually
3. Post consistently - give them a reason to come back
4. Expand your reach - connect your other social networks, such as Twitter to attract new followers
5. Engage – comment on the photo they just uploaded of one of your products, and ask a question

What are the benefits of adding Instagram to your Engage121 account?
Search Instagram hashtags: A great time to do this is when you are running a contest on Instagram and you’ve asked people to upload photos and tag the photos with the contest hashtag. General Electric ran a contest like this, #GEinspiredME, and received 4,000 photo submissions.

See your Instagram feed: You can now see all of your friend’s activity on Instagram in your Engage121 account. This feed will filter into where you currently monitor all of your friends and followers activity across all of your social networks, why not add one more!

Add Instagram contacts to your groups & identities: Have you discovered the next big Social Media God? You can create an identity for them in Engage121, and include all of their social profiles so you can monitor their activity across all their channels in one place and never miss one of their blog posts or a tweets. You can also add this new SM God to your existing Social Media rockstars group to ensure that you don’t miss the next photo they upload to Instagram.

Post the name of your Instagram account below, and make sure to follow me on Engage121′s page. I’m posting lots of staff photos!

Creating a Social-Friendly Brand: Interview with BJ Emerson, Part 2

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It’s time for round two of picking BJ Emerson‘s brain for Social Media tips and tricks. Last week we discussed using storytelling to grow your brand online. In this interview we dive deeper into creating a social-friendly brand. Here are a few of the things we discussed.

What is the difference between hearing and listening in Social Media?

Hearing is a natural function, it’s about survival. Listening is more focused on putting energy towards someone, a follower, and capturing what they are trying to communicate.

When you’re listening and creating content how do you know what will resonate with your audience?

There are many tools available to help you cut through the noise. Over time you will learn what will resonate as you are interacting with your followers. Fortunetely for us there is now software that will show you how well your content will resonate with your followers, such as Engage121. Not only WHEN to post but WHAT to post!

I asked BJ if he could give one tip to a marketer who is just getting start in Social Media Marketing what would it be?

Follow smart people!

I couldn’t agree more! Don’t forget to follow BJ on his blog, it’s full of MUST-READ content for marketers.

What is your one tip for marketers who are just getting started using Social Media Marketing?

Effective Customer Service is our Priority

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At Engage121 we are determined to provide extensive support to our clients, by helping them achieve their social media goals through our software. In order to better refine our training techniques, we will be discontinuing the weekly scheduled training sessions and replacing them with intimate, hands-on training, driven by our client’s needs beginning this Monday, October 22.

As of Monday, Client Services will be conducting a client outreach campaign, in an effort to schedule training sessions with clients individually .These training sessions will be conducted in small groups, so clients can drive the “seminar” style training with questions and participation.

Clients can always email the Customer Service department whenever they would like to set up a personal training session or when they have a question regarding the Engage121 application. Emails are received and responded to immediately when sent to

We look forward to speaking with you and learning more about your Marketing initiatives, and how social media will continue to support them.


Say hello to Penny, the newest addition to the Engage121 family

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My name is Parthena Aprea, but everyone calls me Penny. I was born on a cold day in December and raised in East Norwalk, Connecticut on the Long Island Sound. Despite traveling extensively after college, I chose to stay in Connecticut because I find New England’s charm hard to resist. To me, nothing is more pleasant than fall becoming winter. New England’s rich history has also instilled me with a passion for antiques. One of my dreams is to restore a historical Victorian or Colonial home back to its original magnificence.
Aside from my interest in history, I thoroughly enjoy cooking because of the creativity involved. Some of my favorite meals to prepare are rural and rustic dishes from around the world. I like the concept of using every part of something to craft a deliciously balanced dish. My desire to be creative in all endeavors has inevitably led me into a career in the software industry.
I previously worked for a financial services software company in Greenwich, Connecticut.  I belonged to the implementation team which was responsible for overall project management of software conversions. Although I enjoyed working on the periphery of finance, the social media realm has always fascinated me. Social media is constantly evolving; providing boundless room for innovation. The immediate exchange of diverse ideas and opinions is a tremendously influential force to those who can wield its power. I am excited about joining the Engage121 team and look forward to empowering businesses to use social media efficiently and to their advantage. 

Penny joins our client service team, make sure to follow her on Twitter and say hi. 

UCONN, Storrs, BFA, Communication Design 
One thing you’d never guess about me: I am fluent in Modern Greek

How will the new changes with Twitter affect Engage121?

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The changes you have read about affect us just a bit. It is important to recognize that we are “Social CRM,” and as such, an industry participant that Twitter wants and needs to support – especially since we are a potential source of significant advertising revenue. And, applications like Engage121 are really not part of the problem(s) that Twitter is trying to solve.

To be more specific:

• There will be no impact on our source(s) of Twitter data; and the content available to you will remain unchanged. We access (now and in the future) the Twitter API to support our ad hoc searches, and we connect to Twitter firehose re-seller(s) for background tasks such as measurement and analysis. That will not change.

• However, as a participant in the Twitter ecosystem we are obligated to slightly change the presentation of Tweets in our application to more closely comport with Twitter’s new standard. These changes are already in our development pipeline and you should notice changes over the coming month or so.

It seems to me that Twitter’s primary intent is:

(i) to control the user experience (look and feel) of its product – Tweets;
(ii) guide consumers who do want a platform to the Twitter-owned Tweetdeck, which, again, provides Twitter more direct control over the user experience, and
(iii) eliminate superfluous middleware that stand between native Twitter and its users.

If there is one thing we have learned about social media, it is to expect change. Today, Twitter is trying to gain more control over the product it delivers to users, but without adversely the ecosystem that is vital to its developing revenue model. Tomorrow, expect radical changes from Facebook as its users increasingly access the platform through mobile devices that are far less able to carry advertising. And the day after, who knows. We will do our best to stay on top of the changes – that’s a promise.