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Tweetdeck rises from the dead, LinkedIn helps you find the right college and Facebook wants you to Poke

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This week’s Social Media Recap has multiple updates from multiple social networks.

Facebook has made embedded posts available to all users as of this week. Facebook has also added a search tool to their poke feature making it easier to find people you want to poke.

LinkedIn has launched University Pages. A LinkedIn spokesperson said it’s  “the first step towards a longer vision to help students, parents, and university faculty get a head start on career mapping.” LinkedIn also redesigned their Group Pages this week.

Twitter added context to tweets by attaching related headlines to help you follow conversations on twitter easier. They also brought Tweetdeck back from the dead with new functionality. Unforuntely, while launching their new updates they suffered a security breach from a hacker. Make sure you revoke access to all 3rd party apps that are connected to your Twitter account.

What did you discover this week?


The new YouTube & Instagram video apps, Facebook’s newsfeed changes again and more

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This week’s Social Media Recap is chock-full of news! YouTube co-founders have launched a new video app, MixBit, which lets you record 16 seconds of video, edit and format the content. However all content you upload is public for others to remix and use so be careful of what you record!

Instagram now lets you upload videos from your photo library, you no longer have to record your video in the app. It seems that uploaded videos can be longer than 30 seconds in length, which is great news.

Facebook has made changes to it’s newsfeed algorithm again and for once they’re using fancy names to promote the changes. Story Bumping & Last Actor are supposed to make it so you see more of the updates you want to see in your newsfeed. This should be good news for Business Pages.

Twitter launched photo galleries in search, and LinkedIn updated it’s mobile app to allow you to apply to jobs directly in the app.

Is your head spinning yet?

Travel back in time on your Facebook Newsfeed, and Google pulls the plug again

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This week’s Social Media Recap is focused on Facebook. Facebook launched a cool new app yesterday called On this Day, which lets you view your newsfeed on this day one year ago. Facebook also announced embeddable posts so you can now share your Facebook posts on your website or blog to help you gain more followers and increase visibility for your content. Although, Facebook isn’t just an innovator they are also an executioner. Facebook has officially killed the Questions tool for Pages.

Google also killed something this week, and pulled the plug on their Google Local app in hopes to push everyone to use the new Google Maps app.

What did you discover this week on your favorite social networks?

Facebook Advertising, Do’s and Don’ts

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Have you been thinking about using Facebook Ads to promote a new product or service, or maybe promote a post on your timeline to gain more visibility for your business page? Before you hit that submit button you need to be aware of Facebook’s Advertising guidelines, or  your ad may not get approved.

Yup, Facebook approves every ad before it goes live, they guarantee to do so within 24 hours if you submit your ad on a business day. Usually it only takes a few hours for your ad to be approved and start receiving clicks and impressions. Here are the guidelines you need to know so you do not get stuck in “pending approval” mode.

Ads must always:
-apply appropriate targeting.
-comply with the Pages Terms that are generated through Page posts, and promote a sweepstakes, contest, competition or offer.
-clearly represent the company, product, service, or brand that is being advertised.
-lead to a functioning landing page that does not interfere with a user’s ability to navigate away from the page. 

-comply with all applicable local laws if promoting or referencing alcohol. 

Ads must NOT:
-include images comprised of more than 20% text.
-never use targeting criteria to provoke users.
-offend users, be false, deceptive or misleading or contain spam.
-contain or promote illegal products or services.
-promote the sale or use of adult products or services.
-be shocking, sensational or disrespectful, or portray excessive violence. 
-promote or facilitate the sale or consumption of illegal or recreational drugs, tobacco products, or drug or tobacco paraphernalia.
-promote the sale of prescription pharmaceuticals.
-promote the sale or use of weapons, ammunition, or explosives.
-constitute, facilitate or promote illegal activity.
-insult, attack, harass, bully, threaten, demean or impersonate others.
-contain “hate speech,” whether directed at an individual or a group.
-target to minors that promote products or services that are illegal for use by minors in their jurisdiction. 

-Ads that receive a significant amount of negative user feedback may be removed. You can help ensure that you will not receive negative feedback by advertising good, relevant content to a targeted audience for your business.

I recently wrote a post discussing the 7 things you need to consider before using Facebook Ads. which you may find helpful for learning how to target your ad to the right type of Facebook users for your business.

Have you had success using Facebook Ads? Tweet me @engage121 or comment below to let me know!


Facebook rolls out Verified Pages and Time Range targeting for Ads

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It’s Social Media Recap time and today I have a treat for you! You’ll have to click play to see.

This week Facebook secured both updates, they finally rolled out Verified Pages and Profiles for big brands and celebrities. Good job Facebook, Twitter has had this function forever. You can not request to get verified, Facebook has to reach out to you.

Facebook has a new feature for advertisers, and one that I’m very excited about. You can now allows target your ads to those who have recently interacted with Facebook. For example, you can target ads to those users who recently checked into your shop or restaurant over the weekend. This will be the great way to follow up with attendees after your host an event.

What did hear in the news this week about your favorite social networks? Comment below if you like my sunglasses.

7 things you need to consider before using Facebook Ads

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I think Facebook Advertising is one the best ways for you to 1. Build your Facebook Community 2. Get more leads 3. Gain more visibility. However, to be successful, there are a few things you need to know!

It all comes down to one word, targeting. You can run anything as a Facebook Ad and you will get lots of clicks, and even some new page likes, but they won’t be from people who care about your business. They’ll be spammers or people who do not make up your target market. How can you ensure that your Facebook Ads are being seen by the target audience for your business?

First, you need to determine which type of Facebook Ad you would like to use. Below are targeting options that pertain to all 3 types of Facebook Ads, but I’m going to focus on Sponsored Post Ads, in other words, a published post on your timeline converted to an advertisement.

Geographic Location: You can target your advertisement to people who live in a certain country, state, city or zip code. You can also check a box to include cities near that location within a 10, 25 or 50 radius.

Age: There’s no need to show your ad to people who are 13 years old and older if your target audience is retirees. Select the age range that is most appropriate for your business and the content you are promoting.

Gender: Is your target market mostly men or women? Or, is your target market men, but women also contribute to the buying decision? You can select them both or just one.

Interests: This is what I consider the “gold” of Facebook Advertising. You can select certain interests to ensure that your ad is placed in front of the right audience. For example, if your target market is stay-at-home moms, you can target your ad to Parenting, Family, Kids, Kid Activities, etc.

Connections: You can show your ad to anyone, people who already like your page, or people who do not yet like your page.  However, the “platinum,” is friends of connections. By selecting this option your ads will show to friends of your existing fans (those who already like your page). The great thing about this is that your ad will show with the viewer’s friends name in it. For example, my Facebook friends would see “Jenny likes Engage121″ or “Jenny likes New Blog Post by Engage121.” See the potential? We know everyone values their friend’s input, especially when it comes to buying decisions.

Advanced Targeting: If you’re not socially savvy, you can skip this paragraph. I’m just kidding! The one targeting option here that you should select is language. If you’re advertising in the United States select English (US), or if you’re targeting other ethnicities add Spanish to your selections or whichever language reflects your audience.

Budget & Time Frame: Lastly is the budget you set for your ad or campaign. You can run a Facebook Ad for as little as $5/day. You can also say you want to spend$50 on the ad, which wouldn’t require you to set a daily limit. There are other conversion options, but I’m going to keep it simple for now. Comment below if you’d like to get techy with me.

Why do you need to do all of this work? By targeting your ad you will ensure that those clicks you’re receiving aren’t from spammers. How? Because spammers on Facebook do not fill out their profile and so there is no data such as age, gender or interests associated with their profiles.

I previously wrote a blog post on How to Get Results with Facebook Ads for SpinSucks, which outlines the return I received from using Facebook Ads. There are some additional points in that article that I think you would find helpful.

Have you ventured into Social Advertising yet? Or are you still skeptical?

LinkedIn Search, Facebook Replies, Yelp, and Flipboard gets fancy

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This week’s Social Media Recap

This week’s Social Media Recap includes updates from all over the web. I’ve got 5 big updates for you to check out!

1. LinkedIn overhauled their search function for the first time in years.
2. Facebook rolls out replies to business pages, now you can reply directly to the person who commented on your post.
3. Yelp launched a Revenue Estimator tool for merchants to get a sense of how much money they are making from leads through Yelp.
4. Flipboard opens magazine creation and integrates with Etsy to become the next big eCommerce site.
5. Facebook started placing ads purchased through its ad exchange, FBX, in the newsfeeds of users.

What did  you learn about this week?

Twitter entices advertisers, branding is made easy on Facebook, Pinterest recommendations, and more

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This week’s Social Media Recap is chock full of great stuff. First up is Twitter’s new campaign tools which target your ads based on Interests, Device Or Sex. In addition to the targeting options, Twitter has opened up its advanced campaign tools to all US advertisers.

Facebook wants you to personalize your profile so they’re making it easy. You can now change your cover photo on your iPhone.

Google+ says they know you want to capture images of your hangouts not just video so they’ve made the Hangouts Capture ap. With it you can take pictures of your Hangouts-in-progress, including a number of features not available in the usual screenshot workarounds. Google says it will soon be worldwide, and I normally only talk about things that launch during the week but it was too cool not to mention.

Pinterest acquired the Livestar team. Livestar is a recommendations mobile app. I think it would be awesome if you could receive recommendations when you were pinning on Pinterest. Really excited to see what they come up with.

But the highlight of the week goes to Twitter because they turned 7 this week. Twitter created a great video highlighting the biggest events since 2006 as they were told through tweets, check it out below!



Now you can see updates “your way” on Facebook

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Today Facebook unveiled the new design of their newsfeed. I watched the Livestream from the Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, CA so I could hear it from Zuckerberg himself.

Today’s press event focused on three things:
1. Richer stories
2. Different cuts of your feed
3. Consistency, same material experience on all the different platforms we’re on 

The images they showed were jaw-dropping. The new redesign is taking photos and putting them front and center, more visual, more beautiful.

How we’re all sharing is changing and the design of your newsfeed needs to reflect this evolving space. Your choice of different feeds, dig into any topic you want. A mobile inspired consistent UI, the same Facebook experience across all your mobile devices & desktop.  -Mark Zuckerberg

Richer Stories:
Facebook is bringing elements of your timeline into the story. Right away you get a bigger profile picture, you can see if you have friends in common, and if you know the person, it’s easy to add them as a friend.

This works really well for brands and pages. Not only are profile pictures bigger for users, but they are also bigger for business pages, as well as cover photos. Additionally, these images will now be front and center in the newsfeed. If you are advertising your business on Facebook you need to make sure you are branding your business page, and it is visually appealing to your followers. 

A lot of sharing on Facebook comes from 3rd party apps, like Pinterest for example. These images will now have more prominence in your newsfeed, and what you see on Facebook will now reflect how you see it on Pinterest. This will apply to ALL 3rd party applications.

One great example of the new design is when you have multiple friends sharing the same article or video (above). The video will now be very large and instantly playable in the newsfeed. On the left hand side of the video preview, you will see faces of all your friends who shared it. If you hover over their faces you can see what they said about the video when they shared it.

Different cuts of your feed:
Today, the newsfeed today shows what my friends like, post, etc. but sometimes I want to see every event my friends are going to, or every photo they’re uploading. You now have more control over what you want to see by clicking the switcher in the top right, if on your desktop, or by pulling down if on a mobile device, to access the all friends feed. You also have a following feed where you can see every post from the pages and public figures you like. There will now be 7 newsfeed options; all friends, most recent, close friends, music, photos, games and following.

Facebook’s mission for a consistent user experience across all devices was summed up as “getting facebook out of the way as much as possible.” There is now a truly global navigation, you can go from page to page in Facebook without having to visit the homepage first.

Facebook will begin rolling out the new design on the web today, the phone and tablet will follow in the next few weeks. You can join the waiting list now and read Facebook’s official announcement.

Now for my takeaways:
1. User experience: the new design should help increase user activity due to the mirrored experience across all devices, desktop and mobile. The average user spends 7 months on Facebook each month, that may now increase to 9 hours.
2. Brands needs to be on their A-game: no more posting lo-res photos, or only posting once a week. If you want to compete with your competitors online then you’re going to have to step it up a notch.
3. There’s no more EdgeRank: Yeah for brands, this is great news! Wait a minute, all of a brand’s posts will be seen, but in order for them to be seen, a user needs to click on the following feed. I don’t know about you but I never click on the pages feed now. This adaption will be interesting to watch.
4. Ads are here to stay: Not only can you still promote your page and posts but ads are also getting some design changes. My prediction is that Facebook Ads will now be a required addition to your marketing strategy.

I would love to hear your thoughts, do you think this will make Facebook better or worse?

Thanks to Mashable and Mari Smith for sharing their information.


Facebook Ads will take over the web & don’t forget that today is National Unplug Day!

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This week’s Social Media Recap is focused on Facebook’s new timeline design that just rolled out in New Zealand. You can take a look at the new design by visiting Mashable.

Facebook recently purchased the Atlas Ad Business from Microsoft. What does that mean? Get ready to start seeing Facebook ads across the web sometime this year.

Today is National Unplugging Day, you can read more about this day of rest here. When was the last time you unplugged?

Make sure you check out two new applications that I was pointed to by Deb Evans: &

Did I forget anything?