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Use Case: Brand Promotion

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dressbarn® With over 800 stores, across the country, dressbarn strives to maintain its distinctive position in the marketplace by providing its own private labels and contemporary fashions at great value in an environment that is friendly and trustworthy.

Use 1: dressbarn’s strategy is simple; Let’s talk to our customer wherever she is. Their customer is highly engaged and motivated by special opportunities, just for her. With this in mind, dressbarn used Engage121 to create a highly engaging Facebook Apps for their contests. They launched a Party Perfect campaign that lasted 5 days.

Campaign results where: 18,995 New “Likes”; Generating 24,714 Entries, of which 13,971 opted in for emails.


Reports of the Death of Facebook Tab Applications

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Almost as soon as Facebook had finished unveiling its new Timeline, marketers were abuzz about the death of Tab Applications.

I received a call earlier today from a member of our team. He wanted to know what I thought we should tell our clients, many of whom use Engage121 to develop and manage Tab applications. Are Tab applications dead? He heard the buzz.

Well, I’m not sure the buzz is correct. The death of Facebook Tab applications may be greatly exaggerated – if not premature.

So, what prompted the buzz?

Facebook’s redesign moved Tabs from a conspicuous position on the left-hand panel, readily viewable by anyone who arrives on a brand’s landing page, to almost hidden under a drop-down box on the right side of the new Page. Taken at “face” value – almost a pun there – Tabs are certainly less obvious to the user. But, I don’t think this is an effort by Facebook to kill Tab applications. That said, I also do not believe Facebook’s relocation of Tabs was unintentional.

The key to understanding what is going on here is to recognize that Facebook has made Tab applications very accessible to users through ads. As reported on “Inside Facebook

“Advertisers can still run Facebook campaigns that drive to third-party tab applications . . . This type of ad can be used to drive traffic to promotions or commerce features within tab applications.”

Facebook is very deliberately, and carefully, redesigning the user experience to encourage marketers to pay for connecting a brand and its fans.

So, in response to the question above – are Tab applications dead? – I think the answer is probably “No.” But, applications have been monetized – by Facebook.


Using LIVE VIDEO in Facebook to generate REAL AWARENESS

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I’m not talking about Foursquare; I’m talking about a LIVE Video feed from your event, anywhere in the world. Streaming this video on your website, Facebook Fan Page and promoting it before the event through Twitter, email newsletters, etc.

There are numerous articles on the web stating that Video is more engaging and shareable than plain text, so what better way to promote an event than doing just that, in REAL TIME!

This was the campaign that Shape Magazine ran last week. Shape Magazine partnered with the 2012 Zumba Fitness-Concert and streamed LIVE Video from the event in London on their Facebook Business Page using an Engage121 FANlet design.  Engage121 Fanlet templates make it easy for our clients to customize their Facebook apps. Users can edit their template to their liking and publish a custom tab with NO HTML knowledge required!


They promoted the event ahead of time through their magazine and across their social networks. They had 57,321 unique viewers throughout the stream on Friday, February 24th, most viewers were watching on shape.com (47,182). They also promoted the Video on their Facebook Business Page, which had 6,000 views in the FIRST HOUR (wow). This stream was viewed around the globe: US (29,842), UK (7,465), Germany (5,994), Canada (3,198), Israel (2,727).

During the first hour they experienced growth of roughly 6,000 fans on their Facebook Page.  Throughout the day, there was a total fan addition of 7,146.  On a typical day, Shape Magazine averages between 200-300 new fans. This was a substantial increase!



Shape Magazine replayed the video twice this past weekend, equaling a total growth of 9,631 fans. The average “Talking about us” number is usually around 5,000 per day, on Friday it was 16,000!

This brand awareness extends outside of Facebook, the hashtag #ZumbaFitnessChallenge exploded with Re-Tweets and Mentions of @Shape_Magazine. This Video not only got people to watch the event, but also to talk about the event by sharing and tweeting.



Before the Video went live on Friday, they had 97,603 followers on Twitter; after the Event, their followers totaled 97,990! There were tons of tweets referring to the live stream and people saying how excited they were to re-watch the next day!

With such busy schedules it’s hard to plan ahead, but with a little extra planning and promoting you can take an event global, due to Social Media.   This event also pushed the brand, Shape Magazine, in front of their target audience: Health focused individuals.

For me, planning ahead is definitely a challenge, which is where my editorial calendar comes in very handy and so does scheduling posts. Scheduled posts aren’t only meant to push information out at the correct time, but they also serve as a reminder about the event.



When it comes to promoting your event, do not forget about your key followers; Reach out to them and ask them to Tweet, Share, and Post. People love to feel valued and needed, and asking for their help does just that!

How do you promote events for your brand?


- Jennifer MacDonald, Director of Community & Client Engagement