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Cool What?

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We recently had the honor of being named a GartnerCool Vendor in CRM Customer Service and Social.” All I’ve heard since then is, a bunch of questions and comments, like:



- Who’s Gartner?

- What does this mean?

- You’re really not that cool!






I’d like to clear this up for everyone, once and for all.

Who’s Gartner – they are the clear leader among IT Analyst Firms. To put it into perspective, they are a $1B+ organization whose ticker symbol is IT. Enough said. Specifically to us, they have been preaching for years to CIOs (Chief Information Officers) that IT needs to function as a strategic business unit, not as a group of tech people.

What does this mean? – It validates everything we’ve been doing. When I demo Engage121 I always hear prospective clients say “cool,” to which my response is always “Why?” Because nothing we do is actually cool for the sake of being cool. There is always a method to the madness; or as we call them at Engage121, Business Solutions…a.k.a.…the same thing that Gartner is challenging CIOs to deliver on a daily basis.

What are business solutions? It depends on your line of business. For Restaurants, you want more butts in seats. For Real Estate Organizations, you want more listings and more sold houses. For Financial Institutions, you want to retain and grow your client base. We help our clients achieve their specific objectives through social media every day. Heck, I challenge you to find a corporate objective that social can’t influence.

And to my friends who say I am really not that cool, you know who you are. You are just busting our chops, because you are right there with us. Together, we are in the midst of working on some stuff that is straight up revolutionary. We are changing the ways business is done on a day-to-day basis.

Things couldn’t be any more exciting at Engage121 than they are right now. I am thrilled that I get to enjoy the ride. For the rest of you, buckle up because big things are coming. How do I know? Because I’m cool.


SXSW 2012 – Creepy or Creative Social CRM?

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Where is the fine line between Creepy and Creative Customer Service?

For the 2012 SXSW Interactive event in Austin, TX on March 9-13, we are putting together a panel discussion with BJ Emerson of Tasti D-Lite and our colleagues from Engage121. We wish to dive deep into how brands can avoid the creep factor and make customer service a positive experience.

The limits are being tested as the competition is heating up for the hearts of consumers and brands contend for trust and ultimately loyalty. This interactive session will explore these boundaries and make you both squirm and cheer as we discuss both repulsive and responsive customer service. You’ll come away equipped with ideas for bridging the gap without burning the bridge when it comes to building and managing customer relationships online.  The panel will include answering questions such as:

  1. Do customers really want a personalized and consistent online/offline experience?
  2. How do we push the envelope without pushing them away?
  3. How does Location Based Marketing fit into Social CRM and providing a great experience?
  4. How do you keep from drowning in too much information?
  5. What are best practices for Social CRM?
We would appreciate your support and your vote in making this panel happen. Please vote here on the SXSW Panel Picker and we hope to see you in Austin!

Insurance and Social Media

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At Engage121, Inc. we have clients in numerous industries.  In the coming weeks, we will be posting about social engagement as it relates to specific sectors.

Here’s a question we’ve heard from our many insurance clients:
“What’s the most important thing an insurance company needs to know in Social Media?”

Answer: What are our own agents saying?!?

This is a logical place for any marketing, operations, customer service, or other unit within an insurance brand to start.

1. Are their posts working against your messages?

2. Are their posts inconsistent with your best practices?

3. Are their posts focusing on selling services instead of engaging?

4. And, most important, is their activity compliant with FINRA’s guidelines?

It’s easy to find out with the right tools. It’s essential to do if your brand is going to use Social Media at all.

Using a Social CRM interface, you should be able to instantly see a snapshot of what your agents are saying right now, across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, their own blog if they write one, and any other social network you’ve chosen to plug into your “corporate” interface. You should be able to view everything they are saying, or filter down by those posts specifically about the brand or other keywords.

Also, let’s not only look at this as a “gotcha” tool. After all, you don’t want to play social cop all day. Plus there may be some great, appropriate content that your agents are posting. Your field agents are the front line, talking with customers face-to-face daily, and know your brand’s services better than anyone. Perhaps there’s some content they are posting that could be repurposed and shared to via your corporate fan pages or blogs.