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Consumers Check Review Sites Before Facebook

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Our friends at eMarketer posted a news article* that highlights the increasing importance of Review Sites in driving local store traffic.

We weren’t surprised that 70% of consumers search online sources before visiting a local business or restaurant.  Even my Mom does Google searches before heading out.

So after the common Google glance and other search results, can you guess what is the next most popular online resource for tips on where to spend your cash?  My first guess was Facebook.   Wrong!

Online Yellow pages are the next resource, followed by Review Sites….then Facebook.  (See chart of research results). 

At Engage121, we have integrated the top 41 (and counting) Rating and Reviewsites into our social media management application, along with 20 social platforms and publishing tools.

So if you need to “listen” to what’s being said about your local business or global brand, we’ve got you covered.  As important, Engage121 enables our clients to “engage” most of the conversations discovered through our application.    

 Article Excerpt: “Some 70% of consumers checked an online source before visiting a local business or restaurant, according to a survey from local content and advertising network CityGrid Media conducted by Harris Interactive in March 2011. Google was the top source, 13 percentage points ahead of online yellow pages. Consumers also checked review sites (13%) and Facebook (12%).

For more information on rating and review sites and Engage121, please contact Jack Serpa, executive vice president of Engage121, at 203-849-7246, jserpa@engage121.com, or @jackserpa.

 * Source: eMarketer: http://www.emarketer.com/Article.aspx?R=1008679