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How do I participate in a Twitter Chat?

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Let me show you! I will be moderating a Twitter Chat on Thursday, 1.9.12, as a Q&A about the 52nd Annual IFA conference. Deb Evans, CEO Computer Explorers, will be our guest to answer any and all questions you may have regarding IFA. Deb has been involved with franchising for the last 16 years and has attended more IFA conventions/seminars than she can count!

Some of the questions you may have could be:
Will there by WiFi?
What should I wear?
What is the Taste of Franchising?

Please tweet any questions that you have regarding IFA or the IFA Tweetup. We will start at 11am EST and take the first 10 minutes to introduce ourselves and get settled in. An example of an introductory tweet is “@jennimacdonald Director of Community & Client Engagement 4 @Engage121. I have been in franchising for the last 3 years. #IFAtwtup”

We will wrap up the Twitter Chat at 11:55 am EST to leave a few minutes to say goodbye and thank Deb for sharing her experience and knowledge with us.

Please tweet any questions that you have. Once I see your tweet I will format the question as you see below. This is to make sure everyone sees the question and everyone sees Deb’s answer.

@jennimacdonald Q1. What should I wear while I am at IFA? #IFAtwtup
@debevans A1. Dress pants, a nice shirt and COMFY shoes. #IFAtwtup

DO NOT forget to include the hashtag, #IFAtwtup, in ALL of your tweets. This is the only way that your tweets will show up in the Twitter Chat stream.

Let’s get tweeting!