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Release note for 3/10/2011: Twitter Bugs explained

1) Missing Twitter Data in Explore
A couple of our users have brought to our attention that some tweets were not showing up in Explore, although they were able to find them on other tools.
Upon investigating, we discovered that some tweets are not identified as English in the Twitter database. Engage121 has been set up to view only Twitter data in English. We will be giving this option to the client to choose whether they want to view English only data in Explore, or view all tweets.

2) Missing Twitter Data in Evaluate
In addition to the above issue, we had a few clients complain that their Evaluate charts were missing days or weeks of data.
While investigating, we found that Twitter has changed how it provides data. When we search Twitter, we provide them the last tweet we had pulled from them, and ask for everything since that point. However, if that particular tweet was no longer in Twitter's search API (because it was a few days old, for example), we were not able to pull *any* results for that search.

This has been fixed going forward.