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Release note for 3/4/2011: Youtube Integration and Time Zone Handling

Products Impacted:
Enterprise, Corporate, SMB

What's New:
YouTube Video Links in Library:
If you have linked your Youtube account to Engage121, we now will preload your content into the YouTube video system library in the Library section of Account. This means, you can add those videos directly from the Library to publish to any of your Social Media platforms. Note the below update to how this will appear in Facebook.

Embedded Facebook Video Player in Facebook feed:
Go to Speak.
Add a Youtube video from your Library.
Choose the Facebook platform and select the Video radio button. You will be able to select from 4 thumbnail images (provided by Youtube) to display on your Facebook feed. When your post is submitted, it'll appear in your Facebook news feed as an embedded player. Your friends and fans can play the video without being redirected to Youtube.

Time Zone Handling:
As discussed at this week's product training, we now have Smart Time Zones. Depending on the time zone of the local computer, we will alter the posting time. In other words, if you are corporate and located in the Eastern time zone, posting a tweet for 3 p.m, and are posting on behalf of an outlet in the Pacific time zone, the post will reflect that it is scheduled for 12 p.m. Pacific time.