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Release note for 3/7/2011: New FANlets available

Products Impacted:
Engage121 Corporate, Enterprise, SMB

What's New:
Three new FANlets available for clients:

FANlet Gifts:
You may have already seen evidence of this around Facebook, and if not, I encourage you to go in and create one! Our gift FANlet allows users to upload pictures or icons and allow FB users to "Send a Gift." This publishes directly to someone's wall, and doesn't require anyone to allow or accept the application in order for this to work. All you need is the ability to post to a friend's wall.

FANlet YouTube:
Have a demo video touting your brand or product? How about a favorite commercial or PSA? You can now post a video to your FANlet tab.

FANlet Polls: Visual Poll:
Also requested by a client, we now have the ability to post a Visual Poll to your FANlet tab. Upload photos as poll responses. This can benefit several of our clients that have a visual product or service they offer.