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Release note for 4/21/2011: Upcoming Events, Export Evaluate Charts to Word, FANlet fixes

Products Impacted:
Engage121 CA and Enterprise

What's new:
We are now featuring Yahoo Upcoming events in Explore: Events. This has a HUGE impact on our events section. The data set has more than quadrupled, so please be sure to take a look at this, as it offers our clients a great opportunity to identify franchise development opportunities, identify places to host local promotions, etc.

We've also added the ability to Export a report to Word in Evaluate. This gives the user the opportunity to write analysis with each chart.

We've also addressed a number of FANlet bugs including: Web registration not being clickable, the radio button is cut off on visual poll, "post about this" has been added to all of the FANlets, and we've added a default selection on the visual poll.