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Release note for 6/16/2011: Panels on the Homepage

Products Impacted:

What's new?
We are pleased to announce our new Panels available on the Home page of both CA and SMB sites.

What are they?
Panels allow our users to create "sticky filters" to quickly view a subset of data from their listen feed. To give you a practical idea of how this works, think about creating a panel that shows you all of the @ mentions across all of your linked Twitter accounts - in one column. Or, maybe you want to create a panel that features a feed from a particular Identity or group (which combines feeds across platforms).

How do I do this?
On the Home page, you will now see two tabs. The Dashboard tab and the Panels tab. The Dashboard tab features a lot of things you already know about: Connect 121 (view your Tasks and Queue right here), Knowledge Base and an Evaluate chart section. The Panels tab will feature a giant + sign. Simply click that Plus sign to get started. You'll see a familiar box here that matches the Listen filters you can see here.

Of course, you can engage directly from any of these columns, and engage across platforms just as you can in Listen.

Any questions? Please let me know.