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Release note for 6/23/2011: Sharing links, New Charts and Assigning Explore charts

We have three new features to share with your team, available on our Corporate and Enterprise platforms.

1) When you now post a rich link, Facebook will now include a share button on your link, in effort to help your content spread across the social media. The share button works by allowing a user who sees your post in their news feed to click "share" and that item will then show up on their wall, and by extension, the news feed of their friends. This change has required us to lock down the ability to edit a description or title of a link as it posts to Facebook, however, we suggest that our users use the Compose box to add whatever comments or insights they'd like to share about the item they're posting.

2) We've added a chart called Tags. This chart allows users to track the number of people they've tagged over time. This can be very helpful for identifying brand ambassadors, tracking super fans and using this as a customer service chart over time.

3) The third thing we've addressed is the ability to assign a chart you've set up via Explore Saved Searches to a tab in Evaluate. No longer will these charts go directly to the second tab in Evaluate. The user can choose which they'd prefer.

Any questions? Please let me know.