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Release note for 8/2/2011: Facebook Comments and tumblr

We have just published two updates to the application.

First, we have updated the way we handle Facebook comments on Home and
Listen - particularly when it comes to Pages.

You'll now see immediately new comments and "likes" that will match
exactly what you see on your Facebook home page. You'll see page
comments and likes in real time - regardless of whether they are your
pages, or just pages you follow. You'll see this real time data for
Listen and Home.

Note: You may possibly still see some lagging of comments on your
personal profiles. This is because of privacy settings of your wall
and your friends' walls. Pages, however, are being displayed directly
from Facebook and will show an accurate count, and will show comments
directly as they appear in FB.

Second, as a request from a client, we've added tumblr to our
Fans and Followers chart to track your followers of your tumblr blog.