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Who uses Engage121?

  1. Marketing - Whether you're posting videos through YouTube, using Twitter and Facebook to increase brand awareness and interact directly with prospects, or writing a blog as a thought leader in your industry, Engage121 can help you measure and track your reach in the social network. Find awareness initiatives and events to tie in to your promotions, or draw more attention to news releases and announcements. Or, evaluate how far your event-based messaging has spread by filtering mentions around a specific geographic target. Engage121 also helps you create viral Facebook event campaigns through our Interactive FANlet functionality.
  2. Public Relations - Want to focus on a specific community? Engage121 helps you target your message to the customers and audience that are located near you. Monitor what's being said about your company in your area, and find new connections to expand your network. Engage121 can find events happening in and around your town so you can find new venues to meet new potential customers and clients. Increase the foot traffic to your stores by offering online coupons and discounts to your fans, and discover new prospects and customers through the social media.
  3. Customer Service - With more than 10 years serving leaders in the franchise marketplace, Engage121 understands the specific requirements for deploying applications through franchise systems both large and small. We have empowering tools that enable creation and maintenance of local franchisee sites, organize and manage franchisee training webinars, and provide a broad range of technical assistance to franchisee. Our focus is enabling franchisees to employ the social media to solve real business problems, such as offering localized promotions, providing responsive customer service, serving as a community expert and more. Whether you need to expand your foothold in more local communities, or if you want to enable your existing franchisees or outlets with powerful monitoring and geo-targeted messaging, Engage121 has a set of solutions that can work for you.
  4. Franchise/Store Relations - Engage121 enables you to develop or extend your social media presence through unprecedented reach for your online customer service efforts. Listen and engage your customers - and prospects - in real time, and just about wherever they are speaking. Use the Engage121 platform to explore the social sphere for relevant conversations so that you can join the conversation wherever your customers are speaking. We also provide you with all the state-of-the-art features you need to engage customers, including Facebook applications, local coupons, and more. Social media enables more and more responsive customer service and Engage121 will provide all the technical know-how you need in today's rapidly evolving customer service world.
  5. Local Outlets - Engage121 provides you the ability to manage the integration of social media into all customer-facing operations. We understand that it is critically important for you to maintain control over your company's social media communications. So, we provide comprehensive permissioning capabilities that provide you the ability to manage who is allowed to say what, to whom. In addition, all conversations are archived and a permanent record is maintained. And, sophisticated analytics and reporting track metrics that will allow you to intelligently manage your investment of time and resources.
  6. Management - Engage121 identifies what's being said about your brand in real time and allow you to target your customers and prospects through online loyalty programs, Facebook applets, locally targeted coupons and more. Easy-to-use tools enable you and your team to create engaging, interactive social media surveys, games, coupons, contests and more that will attract more fans and followers to your online presence. And, our Library will help you manage your content and provide consistent messaging through your employee brand ambassadors.
  • Learning Express

    "Engage121 has given us an invaluable set of tools, which allow us to support our franchisees in all their social media efforts. We can create libraries of content, preschedule posts, and give them one place to manage all of their accounts (Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare). This significantly reduces the amount of time our store owners spend on the computer as opposed to the sales floor, and ensures brand consistency across the board."

    Ariel Faulkner
    Communications Director and Marketing Manager, Learning Express