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Social Media Assistant

A concierge service that runs your social media for you, so you can run your business

The Social Media Assistant leverages our proprietary application that aggregates all a clients social media sites in order to be  managed in one place at one time. Through this application, the Social Media Assistant provides the following professional services in the day to day management of all a clients social sites.

  • Posts to all Social sites, 3-5x/week
  • Responses to Social Media comments & Consumer Reviews
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Ad campaign management, including $25/mo in Facebook ads

Social Media Assistant

A concierge service that runs your social media for you, so you can run your business

What business today doesn’t want to be the beneficiary of a vibrant and growing social media community? Of course, we all do. The problem is, building social communities requires constant attention and effort – and, often, those responsible for social media have so much else to do!

Social Media Assistant fills the social media gap for multi-tasked marketers. All social communities share a few key characteristics and Social Media Assistant ensures that our client’s communities possess the critical building blocks, including:

Building Communities

Professionally, hand-picked curated content specific to your business delivered to your social media sites 3-5x/week keeps your business up-to-date and relevant.

Strengthening Engagement

Customer relationships are vital to every business. Customers expect businesses/brands to listen, respond and take action on their comments. The Engage121 SMA team monitors and responds on your behalf, involving you when needed. This allows you to manage your business reputation, build strong customer interactions and a loyal community without having to lift a finger.

Generating Leads

Leads are the springboard to sales. Generating leads and creating relationships with each lead is vital to a business’s survival. The buying process of modern day customers has changed and become much more opportunistic. They are constantly checking and/or searching for what they want and jumping on deals immediately .  The Social Media Assistant concierge service provides regular promotions to deliver ongoing lead generation.

How does Social Media Assistant work?

Social Media Assistant is a set of concierge services which starts with a mutual Service Level Agreement (SLA). Together, Engage121 and each client establishes the professional services included in the SLA and the key metrics of measurement.


  • A Posting Schedule
  • Responses to comments & monitoring of review sites
  • Facebook Advertising & Promotions


Once an SLA is established and your social media business pages are connected, your Social Media Assistant (SMA) jumps into action building your social media presence.

Grow Community

  • Establish social media presence
  • Increase reach to target audience
  • Increase overall brand awareness
  • Position brand as local expert to gain competitive advantage

Increase Engagements

  • Relevant, timely content
  • Optimize post schedule for maximum audience reach
  • Variety and frequency of articles, videos, promoted blog posts, and photos
  • Advertised posts and Facebook promotions


  • Delivered weekly
  • Key measurements:
    • Community Growth
    • Engagements
    • Lead Capture
    • Cost Per Click
    • Cost Per Lead

Generate Leads

  • Regularly scheduled promotions - from coupons and sweepstakes to photo contests and more...
  • Advertising dollars behind promotions
  • Lead capture fields with every promotion
  • Leads sent to each client in real time

The Advantages Social Media Assistant Can Bring

With the framework in place


  • Oversee social media engagement enterprise-wide, on both the corporate and outlet levels.
  • Localize and distribute corporate content with a single click across multiple platforms to the social media pages of all, some or one of their local outlets.


  • Enrich local postings with corporate marketing assets, Engage121 Hot Content and lifestyle items from their curated localized content feeds.
  • Respond and interact with prospects and clients in the local area
  • Retain their local voice and connection to their local social community by posting as much and as often as they have time to post – knowing that Engage121 Complete’s SMAs are there to back them up, ensuring that SLAs will be met.