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A Close Look at My Digital Marketing Assistant (“DMA”) Program

Getting your business out there is the most important thing you need to do in order for your business to succeed. Whether you hire advertising agencies Colorado springs, you do it yourself, or you have your own marketing team, make sure you have a strategy in place. And today, we’re going to be looking at some of the programs that could help you enhance your exposure online.

The Local SEO Program provides local businesses digital marketing services that integrate all the essential elements for successful LOCAL SEO. Enhancing a local business’ ability to be found online includes the creation of a digital presence across the variety of sites consumers utilize to find local businesses, the development of engaged and growing communities both on social media and on consumer review sites, and multi-platform digital advertising campaigns. The DMA Program will increase local community brand awareness, customer loyalty and prospect opportunities. Businesses can then also look into other software and resources that could further their digital presence levels to increase business, for example a new business could read into this local viking review to see how they could increase the visibility of their business while online.

  1. Digital Marketing Assessment
    The first step to helping a local business with its LOCAL SEO is completion of a digital marketing assessment. Most companies often use these types of assessments to report on the most important KPIs of their marketing strategies. The Engage121 team will complete a comprehensive review of each Outlet’s digital presence to determine the current state of its online marketing efforts. The assessment will cover its presence on:

    • Google (includes Google My Business, Google Search and Maps, so customers can easily find them when searching for businesses)
    • Yelp
    • Consumer review sites
    • Online business directories, that provide business location data to users all across the internet
    • Social media

    Based on the results of this Assessment, each DMA subscriber will be assigned a personal Digital Marketing Assistant that will endeavor to first complete, then maintain and enhance the client’s online presence.

  2. Creating LOCAL SEO Success
    • Google
      • Google My Business (GMB) site created, completed and Claimed
      • GMB maintained through updated content, images, promotions and categories
      • Create, maintain and publish Outlet-specific FAQs
    • Business Profiles
      • Connected and maintained for other relevant profile sites, especially Yelp
      • Yelp site maintained, including optional “Enhanced Yelp Services” (additional fees apply)
    • Consumer Review Sites
      • Consumer reviews monitored include Google My Business, Yelp and Facebook, plus an estimated 40 additional consumer review sites as relevant to each Outlet
      • Outlet email alert, including a link to the review site and suggested response
      • Customer survey program to encourage a consistent flow of review content
    • Content Development and Distribution
      • Custom landing pages and websites, optimized for LOCAL SEO
      • Curated, industry content
      • “SHARE WITH DMA” program, managed Outlet-sourced content delivered to DMA team through dedicated website
      • Email Newsletters
      • Digital advertising campaigns
      • Local PR
    • Directory Listings
      • Directory listing monitoring of an estimated 20+ sites, including email alerts when listing changes
      • Directory listings management, maintaining accurate listing information across the primary business listing databases and covering 20+ listings websites (additional fees apply)
    • Social Media
      • Page creation and maintenance of outlet’s social accounts across multiple platforms
      • Content management and posting five times per week
      • Engagement monitoring and response management, as appropriate (issues requiring client attention escalated in an email alert that includes a suggested response)
      • Creating and managing advertising targeting profiles
      • Facebook community-building advertising
      • Creating a personalized client community through “Share with DMA” franchisee sends E121 custom comments, pics, videos, promotions for posting, promoting and advertising
  3. (Post-LOCAL SEO) Focused Outlet Solutions
    • Engaging Prospects
    • Customer Loyalty
    • Meeting Prospective Employees
    • Managing Local Cause Marketing

The Local Ad Program provides local businesses a comprehensive and fully-managed digital advertising program that will both increase awareness and generate leads in their local market.

The Program includes:

  1. Ongoing management to ensure the effective deployment of ad budgets
  2. Ad targeting, developed specifically to fit each local business’ best customers and prospects
  3. Creative that is responsive to the channel(s) employed and based on Engage121’s substantial experience developing ads that “work”
  4. All relevant channels including Google, Yelp, social media and the web
  5. A customized landing page and lead capture form that will both inform and welcome both customers and new prospects
  6. Reporting that will provide not only results, but also insights to what is working as well as Program elements that need to be refined

The Local SEO Program for RE Offices responds directly to the needs of real estate offices where the most significant challenge is recruiting and retaining Agents. Using the latest in digital marketing automation, Engage121’s expert team ensures each office presents a professional online presence and is actively recruiting Agents on the most productive online platforms.

The Program includes these primary objectives:

  1. Develop Your Office’s LOCAL SEO, to ensure you can be found online.
    • Create and maintain a complete online presence, including Google, consumer review sites, online directories and social media platforms with the help of social media growth tools such as nitreo
    • Post to, and monitor engagements on, all review sites and social media platforms
    • Develop and implement a customer survey initiative to encourage new and positive reviews from both your buyers and sellers
    • Develop, manage and post online an Office Newsletter targeted on current and previous customers to ensure your Office remains top of mind
  2. Increase Agent Retention
    • Ongoing program to recognize Agent achievements, certifications and awards through Local PR, newsletters and social media posts
    • Promote Office and Agent successes and “Just Sold” listings through awareness campaigns
  3. Recruit New Agents
    • Create and attractive online office persona through promotion of Office events, local cause marketing and “Featured” Agents and teams
    • Specialized recruitment ad campaigns developed and managed on LinkedIn and Facebook “Jobs”
    • Supporting ads developed for Google, Instagram, Facebook and mobile web
    • Customized landing page and lead capture form that will both inform and welcome interested Agents
  4. Promote Your Local Brand
    • Create and manage dynamic listing campaigns
    • Utilize inventory of “For Sale” and “Just Sold” homes matched to best performing demographic

The Local SEO “Getting Started” Program provides local businesses an affordable start to developing effective LOCAL SEO.

Consumers are online researching, making purchase decisions, finding local businesses. Your consumer’s purchase cycle has moved online, from end-to-end. And you need to meet your consumers where and when they are doing business.

LOCAL SEO simply means the ability to be found online and Engage121’s “Getting Started” Program provides the right mix of services for local business that need a jump start meeting their consumers online. “Getting Started” is both comprehensive and affordable!

  1. Engage121 LOCAL experts will claim and build your pages where you need them to get your business found, including Google, Yelp, Facebook and consumer review sites. And, if you already have pages, the Engage121 team will make sure that each page is structured correctly and presents a professional, compelling face to your consumers.
  2. We will make sure that the content describing your business is fresh, interesting and up-to-date, a key component of LOCAL SEO. This includes maintaining a regular posting schedule to all your online sites as well as monitoring your sites for engagement opportunities.
  3. You will receive “Alerts” to comments or questions on your key consumer review sites. A well-timed “thank you” or apology is all it takes to build your reputation.
  4. Establish your credentials, and generate valued LOCAL SEO content, through Engage121’s full-featured Local PR application.
  5. Promote your business and build consumer awareness through locally targeted digital advertising. We will provide you several easy-to-use alternatives, including “Weekly Suggested Ads,” created and branded just for you, as well as our “Share with DMA,” providing you the opportunity to use our experts to customize your promotions.