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Free Local SEO Assessment

The first step towards LOCAL SEO success is an objective analysis of your company’s position.

Is your Google My Business site up-to-date? Do you have a well-structured website, and are all your online links and information consistent and correct? Have your customers posted reviews of your business? Are your social communities engaged and growing? Have you implemented stronger bandwidth to keep connected? If not, you may want to Click here to get this started so you are always in the loop with your customers.

Engage121’s expert team will complete a comprehensive review of your digital presence to evaluate your LOCAL SEO position. We will recommend what you might need to do better – and we will help wherever we’re needed.

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Choose the solution that fits your time and abilities.


Because some things you can do yourself…


  • Client service team available to work with you.
  • Claim Google My Business.
  • Daily HOT!Content email, including 5 ready-to-post articles selected by our editors; choose from over 20 industry options.
  • Time-saving features like SmartPost and
    1-click posting.
  • Activity alerts, including reputation monitoring so you always know what your customers are saying.
  • Integrated social advertising functions that make building your social community easy.
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LOCAL SEO Assistant

And sometimes it’s best to use an expert…

Starting at $149/month

  • A dedicated Assistant who works directly with you.
  • Development and maintenance of active presence on Google, Yelp, social media and all major online directories.
  • Consumer survey function that encourages reviews.
  • Website and landing page development.
  • Leverages Google and Yelp recommendations to achieve local search success.
  • Client-directed focus on (i) prospecting, (ii) customer loyalty, (iii) employee recruitment, and/or (iv) local cause marketing.
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About us

We deliver digital marketing and reputation management solutions specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses.

Established in 1998

We have 20 years’ experience as the industry leader in local, social marketing providing digital marketing software.

Meaningful Results

Achieving meaningful results with over 52,000 local businesses in the United States and Canada.

18 Million Messages

Published over 18 million messages on social media and review sites to engage customers and cultivate loyalty.



“Social Media is a crucial part of our marketing plan. The experts at Engage121 ensure we have a consistent professional online presence, which allows us to focus more on our children and families.”

Michelle Glacken, Kiddie Academy

“Engage121 solutions keeps my business active and current with engaging posts. And a lot of people are reached. It is definitely working. I love it!”

Andy Anderson, FASTSIGNS

“Engage121 is a fabulous company! They do the work for you, posting to all your social media sites without the hassle of logging into each and every one of them every day, multiple times a day. I would highly recommend Engage121 if you would like to make your life easier!”

Nicole F, Social Media Manager

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