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Small Business Owners, How Complete Is Your Online Presence?  Let’s Find Out With Our FREE Digital Marketing Assessment

Free Digital Marketing Assessment The Engage121 complimentary Digital Marketing Assessment pinpoints areas of opportunity for your small business to enhance your digital marketing presence. Today’s digital technology provides a wide and growing variety of online channels to allow consumers to interact with your businesses online from Google to Yelp to Facebook. In fact, a recent study concluded that 80 percent of U.S. small businesses are not taking full advantage of digital tools to access new markets and target new customers.* We want to help small businesses understand how to optimize digital marketing with our Digital Marketing Assessment, a complimentary report designed to identify and navigate the digital marketing opportunities you may be missing. According to Kurt Strumpf, CTO of Engage121, a robust digital marketing program should Develop and strengthen online prominence to ensure that your business is discoverable Build a strong online reputation to grow your business Create an active social presence to enhance your business’s local SEO Engage your social media community to connect your business to prospects and customers “Our expert team will evaluate your business’s digital presence against these guidelines to show you exactly where you need to focus your attention for optimal results,” says Strumpf. “In addition, our Digital Marketing Assessment will help ensure that your business has a complete and accurate online presence, which is critical to success in today’s online world. Research shows that 80% of consumers lose trust in local businesses if they see incorrect or inconsistent information.”** The Digital Marketing Assessment is the latest complement to our Digital Marketing Assistant solution that provides busy small business owners with expert help to create, grow, and maintain their business’s online presence. Engage121 client Michelle Glacken, a small business owner with Kiddie Academy early education and childhood development centers, says, “The experts at Engage121 ensure we have a consistent professional online presence, which allows us to focus more on our children and families.” “Claiming your digital presence gives you a competitive edge and makes it easier for customers to find you,” says Engage121 CEO Jon Victor. “Taking advantage of the relatively inexpensive potential of today’s digital ‘tools’ is, simply put, good business. Our Digital Marketing Assessment is an easy, no-cost way to begin the process to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your existing program.” To request a complimentary Digital Marketing Assessment, please click here. For more information about Engage121 or to schedule a demo of our local digital marketing solutions, please visit www.engage121.com. Sources: *https://www2.deloitte.com/us/en/pages/technology-media-and-telecommunications/articles/connected-small-businesses.html **https://www.chatmeter.com/blog/why-local-listings-management-is-a-must/

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