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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Business Page

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Facebook recently announced that their community has reached 2 billion monthly users. Most importantly, among these 2 billion are no doubt each and every one of your customers!


According to Andrew Defrancesco, your business needs a Facebook Business Page to reach these customers. Facebook Business Pages have features designed specifically to help your business connect with people and cost-effectively advertise your company.

A Facebook Business page is essentially a new channel to reach not only existing customers but also prospective customers. And it’s free. However, all businesses must bear in mind that every step they take will need to be thought through properly to make sure they are taking the right path as anything can happen with new business ventures, it may be important in some cases to check in with a California Business Law Lawyer or a local law firm for advisory and proactive help in case something arises from new business directions, When starting a business, it is vital that the entity is properly formed to protect their business from future errors and wrongdoings. It is thus possible to diagnose the business issues, and to develop a strategy to limit liabilities, maximize operational efficiency with the help of a Business Formation Lawyer. They can even guide you on the steps you need to take in regards to marketing your business (which could mean the creation of your own Facebook Business Page)!

Similarly, for the medical professionals (ophthalmologists, physicians, etc.), numerous associations are out there who can only help in business growth, but could even assist in setting up a private practice. Case in point is PECAA, an industry-focused business association of independent eye care professionals, who could help your private practice by connecting you with vetted vendor partners. Add to that the reach a Facebook Business page could offer, and you could take your business or practice to new heights.

With your Facebook Business page you can professionally represent your business and reap these 7 benefits:

  1. Get found – easily: Facebook has a built-in search engine that many consumers use to research companies they want to do business with. And, equally important, Google indexes your Facebook Business Page so you will be more easily found on Google, too. If you don’t have much following on your youtube channel, I can tell you that some time ago TheMarketingHeaven.com was recommended to me when I needed views, and it really helped me out, so I can definetly recommend working with them.
  2. You’re going places: When you set up a Business Page, you officially become a “place” to which people can check-in and mention – both are great for local, social awareness.
  3. Advertising power: Only Business Pages may place ads on Facebook. And with customized website ads, you can drive new leads to your website at rates that many local businesses find very attractive.
  4. App functionality: Business Pages can utilize apps which allow you to create custom tabs, forms, polls and surveys. These types of posts encourage people to respond and connect with your business.
  5. Social validation: The strongest credibility you can achieve is a written testimonial. Facebook allows customers to write reviews – right on your page. Generating this “social proof” should be an important piece of your marketing plan.
  6. Scheduling: You can schedule posts on a page, which allows you to periodically plan your posts thoughtfully, based on events that you know will be happening.
  7. Become a detective: Facebook’s “Insights” provide measurements of activity on your page, so you will learn what topics, products and ideas are of interest to your customers and prospects.

Facebook has created a robust tool to help you professionally grow your business; take advantage of a Facebook Business Page!

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