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Ten Ways to Thank Your Customers and Employees on Social Media This Season!

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“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
Dr. William Arthur Ward (1921-1994), American author, educator and motivational speaker

There are many ways to thank the people that support your business. And this Thanksgiving and Holiday season is an ideal time to share your gratitude.

We are happy to share these 10 ideas for thanking your customers, employees and business partners on social media:

  1. Acknowledge your Facebook fans and Twitter followers with a positive Thank You message
  2. Do you support a local cause or charity? Thank the organization for the opportunity to give back on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  3. Post a group employee picture with an appreciative Thank You caption and share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Don’t forget to use this hashtag generator to show how thankful you really are by getting creative with your caption.
  4. Create a Pinterest board and fill it with Thank You stories featuring your customers, employees and business partners
  5. Tweet a thank you message to one of your loyal customers on Twitter
  6. Have you reached a follower milestone on Facebook? Post a sincere Thank You to acknowledge your fans.
  7. Recognize a valued employee with a recommendation on LinkedIn
  8. Create a video with a Thank you message this Holiday season to post on Facebook and YouTube
  9. Thank fans that share your posts on Facebook and followers that retweet you on Twitter
  10. Spread the spirit of thanks and encourage your employees to acknowledge co-workers and customers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ this season

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