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3 Social Media Questions Every Real Estate Professional Should be Able to Answer

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1. How often should you post content on your social media sites?

This is a question we get all the time. Some businesses post 4 times a day, others post once a week, and some post monthly. For instance, if you have luxury homes for sale delray beach, then you might as well post it on social media to attract more customers. The same can be said for any and all real estate opportunities that people may not know of, an example of this is when people want to sell their homes but they want to do it quickly and preferably close to the price point that they have set out, this is where companies that do ‘We Buy Houses‘ would come in useful, so having that promoted will help companies and customers as one.

Realistically, what success in this field comes down to is face-to-face interaction with customers of real estate. Let us take this example into consideration where this particular team in Milwaukee Real Estate Commercial Sales and Leasing has its own website. Not that they would restrict their promotional activities to social media alone. They might get on to the field, talk to clients, talk to their close ones, build a professional network, and many more. The whole point narrows down to imply that social media alone is not a business tool.

Yes, social media is a useful tool in this business, but face-to-face interactions, such as giving a good listing presentation, etc, is where success is built for a real estate agent/business. Although, many agents and businesses like to keep a social media account going to keep their customers interested once they have successfully got them. Social media is an excellent place to show off your latest listings. Whilst some estate agents would argue Myrtle Beach real estate sells itself, uploading some images onto Instagram might just speed up that process.

What do you think is the correct answer?

  1. once a week
  2. every day
  3. once a month
  4. other

If you selected “D” you’d be correct. 5 times a week is the best practice for small businesses (that includes real estate brokers and agents) according to our Engage121 research.

2. What’s the biggest impediment to posting regularly?

  1. lack of writing skills
  2. lack of time
  3. lack of content

According to a recent RISMedia survey “B” was the winner with 45% of real estate offices saying they just didn’t have enough time. 31% admitted they didn’t have the skill and 15% said they didn’t have the content. 32% admitted they needed to post more frequently.

3. How do you define great content?

  1. entertaining
  2. industry focused
  3. timely
  4. broadly relevant
  5. all of the above

I’m betting everyone answered “E”. This answer was pretty obvious. What is NOT obvious, however, is how to find content that meets all of these criteria.

The easy (and fast, and inexpensive) answer is Engage121’s Social Media Assistant that gives you:

✓ Engaging, curated, regular content

✓ Full-service social media management

✓ Best-in-class social media advertising

We create social media success for over 10,000 small businesses and we’d love to do the same for yours!

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Infographics courtesy of RISMedia