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88% of consumers making local searches from a mobile device take an action, such as calling a business, within 24 hours!

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Consumers are searching for local businesses like yours every day, does your business appear in local search? According to Google, local results appear for people who search for businesses and places near their location. And, they’re shown in a number of places across Google Maps and Search. For example, you’ll probably see local results if you search for “Italian restaurant” from your mobile device. Google will try to show you the kind of nearby restaurant that you’d like to visit.

We recommend that you take a minute and search your local business on Google using search terms that consumers would use, such as “real estate agent near me “ or “local print shop” or “daycare in my town”. You may find that your business doesn’ appear for relevant searches in your area. If this is happening to you, then it is imperative that you improve your business information in Google My Business. Apart from that, there are various techniques you can adopt that come under the umbrella of search engine optimization ; these techniques can help your business appear on the search engine results page on the upper ranks. If you’re unsure of what might help boost your business’s ranking, consider hiring a professional digital marketing agency that can assist you not only with SEO, but also with other digital marketing efforts. For instance, the real estate businesses are also in the race to use web applications (primarily focusing on the area they dwell in) which might boost their net profit and dealings. Using applications like REDX might help them look for properties that have not been sold yet. This simple yet effective strategy may not only expand their contact and property list, but can also be easily managed using their smartphones. This simple yet effective strategy might not only expand your contact and property list but can also be easily managed using your smartphone.

Complete these tasks to maximize how often consumers see your business in local search results:

  1. Claiming your business and completing your profile with accurate information
  2. Verifying your location because unverified businesses will not show up in Maps/Waze searches
  3. Keeping your hours accurate
  4. Managing and responding to reviews
  5. Adding photos
  6. Maintaining directory listing accuracy across the web
  7. Promoting your business with Google Ads

Your business information needs to be accurate and complete to improve your ranking on local search results. To make sure your business appears in local search, there is a lot to do and the Engage121 team is here to help.

With all this in mind, it is clear that currently, more and more people are using their mobile phones to complete day-to-day activities such as transactions. As a business, you may want to ensure you are technologically equipped to deal with this development in consumer behavior. One place you could find a solution is at, https://www.easypaydirect.com/merchant-accounts/high-risk-merchant-accounts/, or you might find one elsewhere, through recommendation. As a small business, it could also be beneficial for you to identify how to gain more custom from tools such as SEO, that are specialised to be mobile search-friendly.

The first step is our FREE Digital Marketing Assessment to evaluate how complete your online presence is on social, Google and Yelp; how accurate your business listings are on all the internet databases (there are over a dozen sites) and how you are doing generating consumer reviews (because Google cares – a lot – so you should, too). Your Digital Marketing Assessment will not take long. And, you will learn what to do to make sure your online presence is highly visible, professional and attractive. To get started today, click here to learn more.