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Let’s Get Started Writing A Press Release For Your Local Business

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A story in local media shows your business is the local trusted expert.

Have you considered submitting a press release about your business to local media, but you are not sure how to get started? The Engage121 team has the following suggestions to create your engaging press release.

First, let’s begin with the fundamentals.

A press release is a short newsworthy communication directed at members of the news media to kick off a conversation with a reporter or editor about a product or service launch, company news or employment announcement. Press release distribution services are useful tool to generate media coverage to position your local business as an expert in your field and ultimately help your business grow and succeed!

If you have a tech company or a manufacturing company, PR agencies can give results that fuel revenue growth. For example, when you hire a tech pr firm austin or where it is more local to you, they have the resources and teams to work to drive social media engagement, monitoring, and analytics; engage analysts and connect them with your brand to ensure they understand your core value and competitive differentiation, and much more.

Is your story newsworthy?

A newsworthy story contains information that your readers will care about.

  • Local: As a local business, your story will be of interest to local publications with readers in your area.
  • Influence: The larger the impact, the more people will be interested.
  • Relevance: It is important to share how your story is relevant for your audience.
  • Brand or Name Recognition: Brands and names that people know increase interest in your story.

Tips for writing your press release.

Press releases contain the following four parts:

  1. The headline/subhead
    The purpose of the headline is to explain your news and encourage readers to want to learn more.
  2. The body
    The body includes the pertinent information reporters will want and need to know, without explaining too much. It should answer the following questions: who, what, when, where and why. And, be sure to include a quote to add a personal element to your story. Lastly, grammar matters so please check for typos and grammar mistakes before sending.
  3. The About Us section
    Background information about your business should be included in the About Us section. This section is usually the same in every release and can include links to your website and social media sites so readers can learn more.
  4. Contact Info
    At the end of your press release, include your contact information so a reporter knows how to reach you for any follow-up questions!

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