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11 Killer Ways to Get More Social Followers

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get more social followersYou want to get more social followers for your business, build stark raving fans, drive more leads and increase revenues. Who doesn’t? But have you tried things like getting a buyer persona template whereby you can use your personas to create more targeted content? Are you able to create more targeted content for each group of customers and have more successful marketing campaigns and stronger results? Or are you withholding traditional marketing practices? Many companies tend to choose to leverage the services of experts in the field of social media management and brand-building strategies, like Tom Baker for example. These experts can come up with actionable plans to help out with key areas of establishing an online presence and more importantly, getting more customers talking about the brand. Here are eleven secrets to get more social followers.

  1. Post the articles: Sounds basic…and it is. Each day, I receive content that I think my community will like. I sift through those and select a daily piece of interesting info to share. (Here is a free content source for you!)
  2. Share a work/life balance tip: Your social media followers want to know you’re a real person with similar struggles that they have. Note this when you share that type of content. (Example: Maybe you’re posting a list of some type…say, “Especially #2!” Then you raise curiosity to see what #2 is.)
  3. Ask a question with the post: People are more apt to answer a question, than to randomly comment on a post. If somebody posts a photo and asks you a question, such as, “Which is your favorite?” regarding a list you post, people are more likely to click through, read and have a comment.
  4. Be a genius. Attract customers and prospects by showing how smart you are, sharing info that is about the industry, relevant and, well…HOT. Posting educational articles for your industry and target audience makes you a more relevant partner for customers and helps keep you in tune with your target persona. Another way to get a larger following on a social media platform like Instagram, is to Buy your Instagram followers with Upleap.
  5. Tie the post to real people or events at your facility: Bring the post home with a comment about a person on your staff or an event happening. Commenting, “Ms. Shayna wouldn’t approve of this article, would she?” would certainly raise comments, especially if Shayna is popular!
  6. Staff comments: Encourage your employees to comment on the posts on your page. Often, people are reluctant to comment, as they don’t know the human behind the post; but, if their specific contact at your company comments, this often will get them to join the conversation.
  7. Caption this: Did you find an image associated with one of your pieces of content particularly compelling? Ask your fans to caption it!
  8. Faux number the post as a “tip:” Periodically post article using a random numbered tip to increase engagement. This is true whether or not the tip is part of an actual numbered series, so feel free to have fun with the numbers.
  9. Call out your favorite part of the article: If you post a list of any type, say, “Especially #5 for moms, right?!” This makes people curious about the content, encouraging them to click through and comment.
  10. Host a Q&A: If a controversial or especially deep topic comes about on your content stream, consider hosting a live question and answer post with your fans and your staff about the topic.
  11. Weekly reboot: Each week, repost the post that brought you the most engagement.

There are various ways to get content, but in my volunteer work, I use HOT!Content to build our theatre’s social community. As a HOT!Content customer, I receive five industry-specific articles each day via and have seen our followers grow.

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If you have any other tricks to grow your followers, we’d love to hear about it. Comment below!

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