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The Five Types of Social Media Content You Should Be Posting

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Using social media content to attract customers takes a simple, but purposeful, formula.
advertiseWhen you plan out your posting, think about five different types of social media content to post. This way, your followers whether they’ve been bought or naturally grown, will be kept happy. By visiting websites such as
JeffBullas.com you can learn about the best options if you are to choose to buy your followers. These include:

  • Industry Expert Content – to be helpful and show that you know your “stuff”
  • Unique or Local Updates – to build community
  • Personal Updates – to build community
  • Product-Based Promotions – by providing all of the above, you have earned the right to promote your products or services
  • Promote Ads or Content Using Facebook Posts – not really a different type of content, but a different way to distribute the four above.

Let’s dive into a little about each of these types of content. All of these will help you build your community by being interesting, educational and informative.

Industry Expert Content

Post about appealing topics for your audience, but not necessarily promoting your products/services. Free HOT!Content is the easiest way to populate this category.

Provide your readers with information about your industry that shows you know what’s happening and that you can guide them. For marketing to moms, or parents, this may look like:

  • Parenting 411: Homework Tricks
  • 25 DIY Furniture Hacks You Should Start Right Now
  • This Year’s Hottest Hair Trends

At some point or another, these pieces of information will come in useful for anyone who is looking to make some changes to their life. When it comes to learning about the hottest hair trends, for example, simply knowing where you can get the best hair rollers from will help those of us who are in desperate need of a style transformation before a birthday party or wedding. The articles may not be used all the time, but you can guarantee that they will be at some point because we’re always looking for ways to add some spice to our lives, and it could come in the form of informative articles like this. Looking for a resource to get industry content customized to you for free, each day? Get free Hot!Content for your industry here.

Unique or Local Updates

Share posts that brag or highlight things happening in your exact locale, or very narrow market segment. These would look like:

  • New Tollway Set to Open Next Friday

  • 4 Must Attend Events this Weekend

  • Cy-Hope Resale Shop Opens off Barker Cypress Rd.

Personal Updates

stroller barreLocal and personal updates help build community and include items that aren’t selling something, but are making your audience increase familiarity with the organization, the neighborhood, its people and goals. It could involve:

  • introducing a new face,
  • thanking volunteers who worked on a project,
  • giving a “here’s what’s happening now” post,
  • a “congratulations” to a staff member or customer, or even
  • a “pardon our mess while we renovate the north bathroom” post with a photo of what is happening.

It should feel personal, and little “behind the scenes.”

Product-Based Promotions

At the end of the day, we’re trying to sell something, right? All of the work above is what gives you “permission” to sell to your community.

Schedule daily posts that promote some type of “call to action.” Tell your community what you want them to do. This may be things such as:

  • Get registered for…
  • Get your tickets to….
  • Customer appreciate day is ….
  • Storytime is….


  • Stay consistent – and it’s ok to schedule ahead.
  • Keep the tone upbeat and fun.
  • Use images.

To be most effective, try to mix all four of the types of content, industry expert content, local updates, personal updates, and product-based promotions.

To put your fabulous mix of content to work, the final super-power that you should utilize is social media advertising.

Promote Ads or Content Using Facebook Ads

With Facebook’s new algorithm, only 3-6% of your followers will see a standard post in their stream. In other words, if you have 1000 followers, only 30 – 60 people will see your post. That hurts, doesn’t it?

To get your ads and content in front of the correct people, you should consider advertising using Facebook Ads. Paid social advertising can lead to well qualified-leads, using behavioral targeting. It allows you to get your offers to qualified people who find your content interesting, entertaining, and informative

This will help you build qualified likes. Qualified page likes are defined as people who:

  • are in your geographic region,
  • match your defined persona, and
  • have interest in your industry.

Similar advertising opportunity exists for Instagram, as well. Your advertising will promote a specific product or service. For as little as $99/month, you can get substantial results. If you want to increase this, then you can always look into how to buy instagram followers, or the equivalent service for Facebook, which should boost the number of people seeing your content and the value of your advertising space.

Get going today. Here’s a little free content to help you get going.