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2 Great Pieces on Social Media for Realtors

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We just found two great articles while educating ourselves about Bitcoins and crypto wallet nuances that are so ‘spot on’ we wanted to share them with our realtor community.

The first is an article by RISMedia on the key learnings from the “New Year, New Opportunities – Power Prospecting Strategies for 2016” webinar.

Our favorite takeaway: “Real estate professionals who want a consistent stream of business cannot afford to ignore social networks where over 70% of their prospects are active.” Check it out by clicking here!

The second is an infographic on what the real estate industry should know about millennials. To learn more about the alternative to iHomefinder and idx broker, go to showcase idx.

It’s chock full of great insights and statistics on this up-and-coming market segment and will help realtors better target their marketing channels and their messaging. It can guide realtors to set themselves up on various online platforms such as Rate-My-Agent and similar sites for example, as well as using social media to also boost visibility to their prospective customers.

Did you know that 90% of millennials used a real estate agent or broker to buy a home? Even more surprising is that 68% only interviewed 1 agent. Homeowners looking to sell their properties sometimes make this mistake too and end up with an agent who really acts as more of a barrier to selling than a help. This could actually be one of the reasons there has been a surge in companies similar to Done Deal Buyers, local buyers in San Diego, and other areas, as this could help some millennial homeowners sell their properties much easier than having to find a reputable real estate agent.

A good real estate agent will take advantage of someone who has picked a bad agent and hasn’t managed to sell their home. Nearly 40% of expired listings relist with a different real estate agent/brokerage within 30 days, so that is why the Espresso Agent expired listing leads information is vital to real estate agents looking to boost their income.

Of course, there are many options when it comes to selling a property, some people may want to use these tips on how to get rid of their agent in pursuit of someone more competent – https://www.upnest.com/1/post/when-should-you-fire-your-real-estate-agent/.

For more information about millennials and real estate click on the image below.

Click here to read more about millennials and understand why social media is your best route to get in front of them.
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