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Are you fishing where the fish are? (Pssstt….it’s Facebook)

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Gold Fish jumping from one fish bowl to another

At least for now, Facebook continues to be the 800 pound gorilla in the world of social media platforms.  Facebook also continues to be one of the more (successful) innovative platforms that works hard to satisfy both members and advertisers.

Facebook is the place we fish, and here’s why:

  • Facebook has nearly 1.6 billion members and Instagram has 300 million. Your customers and prospects are most likely a part of this community.
  • Facebook is the best platform for you to connect with 30-40 year old up and comers who offer you a lifetime of transactions.
  • Facebook is also the best place for the 50+ demographic – that’s the fastest growing social segment.
  • Facebook shows the most powerful social media ecommerce statistics, sending a massive 60% of all ecommerce referrals for last year. By comparison, Polyvore drove 20% and Pinterest drove 15%.

That’s not to say we ignore other platforms that deliver real value to their clients.

  • Twitter has gained importance now that it has partnered with Google. Your  Twitter feed will show up in Google search results and it’s usually the first page.  Great for getting found!

But, this is the world of social media and it’s a world that is traveling at Mach 3 speed. So who knows how things will look this time next year, but for now we’re fishing in the ocean that offers the greatest number and variety of fish.

Still not convinced?  Click here for a mind blowing infographic that shows all of the activities that happen in a “Facebook Minute”.

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