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4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Holiday Sales on Facebook

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1 – Details, details! Do an informative, promoted post 4-5 days before your sale or event. Give the reader every piece of information they need to plan for it and to find it.

Date, time, details, and location (include the address!) are all mandatory.

If your sale is online, include a “Learn more” button on your ad that takes the customer to your web page with all of the information. Be sure to include a coupon code that will get them to return when the sale goes “live”. Facebook provides some great guidelines on creating these types of ads!














2 – Make your offer a win/win! Holiday sales can be a great way for you to clear out overstocked product at a value price that earns you a happy new customer.

Does your inventory include a currently “hot” item? Take advantage of this to not only sell the product, but to establish yourself as a go-to place to shop for all things trending.













3 – Showcase your customers. Post images of happy customers in your store with their awesome deals. Images like this will create excitement and tease to your sale. You can also use these images to tease to your next sale.

4 – Laser focus your targeting. Study your customer profiles and make sure…

… your radius represents your products. In other words keep it to 10 miles if you have a lot of competition for what you’re offering. Expand to 25-50 if you have a “hot item” that people are willing to travel for (think Sphero Star Wars Droid, Fitbit HR or Apple Watch). Obviously if you’re an online seller this doesn’t necessarily apply to you unless you offer a local pick-up option.

… you take advantage of interests and behavioral targeting in addition to standard demographics. Selling clothing to teens? Age and gender are obvious selections but make sure you include selections like “teen fashion” and behaviors like “fashionistas” to get your ad in front of the right prospects). Yes, you’ll get fewer impressions but they will be far more likely to convert. Teens also look for unique pieces of clothing, so if you are selling something generic like jeans, jackets, etc. you may want to add on some embroidery designs to make them look one of a kind, this could pique interest in some buyers and hopefully help you shift what you need to.

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