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Figured out how to use “social” to market your business yet?

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You might have spent an enormous amount of time finding the right information on “How to start a nonprofit in Texas” or “How to start a financial or law firm” in the city you reside in so that you feel prepared. Then there are those of you that have even taken your business idea one step further by starting to look into where you can find a patent attorney to help you patent your idea so that others are unable to copy it. Some of you may have put all of the resources that you have into getting a physical structure from which your business can be based and you need to know the next step from there. Or perhaps you already have an established business and are starting to feel a slump. Things seem to be changing in a way you aren’t able to predict and you don’t know where to go from there without a business consulting outsider’s perspective.

Whatever your situation is right now, no matter your experience, whether you are looking for solar eCommerce marketing strategies, or trying to spread the word about your handmade candles, social media marketing can help. Have you considered using social media to market your business? Have you thought about how you can use it to attract customers and market your business? If not, you should. Social media marketing along with quality content marketing can change the outlook of your business. Consider getting in touch with an inbound marketing agency to improve your search engine rankings through valuable content creation.

It can be a challenge to figure out how to use social media to market your local business without choosing to outsource a white label website designer. This particular quote outlines it quite nicely:

“Even though small business owners understand how important social media is to their success, for the most part it’s still a theoretical understanding. They’re not taking advantage of social media’s full potential.” says best Selling author Steven D. Strauss

That’s where Engage121 comes in.

Engage121 helps companies and small businesses use Social Media for its true business potential – building local audiences and local business opportunities.


For the past 4 years, we have focused our efforts on small businesses, and organizations with multi-location presences. Examples of the firms we focus on are franchise businesses, dealerships, brokerages, banks & branches, non-profits with chapters, and any other hub-and-spoke organization that recognize the leverage they possess in building brand and driving sales with their local outlets using social media.

Today, Engage121 is enhancing our service with the release of v1.1 of our Local Social solutions (we call it “OA3”). Our latest version launches today with the following new features and additions:

  • Hot Content Impact Scores – to help users identify the content that is more likely to be of interest to their community
  • Google+ integration – for improved SEO and broader cross-posting
  • FourSquare integration– one of the original, and still one of the best, local platforms
  • Monitor Consumer Review Sites, including Google+ Local, Yelp – because it’s all about local


Are you interested in learning more about Engage121’s social media management solutions for local businesses? If so, click here to