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The new YouTube & Instagram video apps, Facebook’s newsfeed changes again and more

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This week’s Social Media Recap is chock-full of news! YouTube co-founders have launched a new video app, MixBit, which lets you record 16 seconds of video, edit and format the content. However all content you upload is public for others to remix and use so be careful of what you record!

Instagram now lets you upload videos from your photo library, you no longer have to record your video in the app. It seems that uploaded videos can be longer than 30 seconds in length, which is great news.

Facebook has made changes to it’s newsfeed algorithm again and for once they’re using fancy names to promote the changes. Story Bumping & Last Actor are supposed to make it so you see more of the updates you want to see in your newsfeed. This should be good news for Business Pages.

Twitter launched photo galleries in search, and LinkedIn updated it’s mobile app to allow you to apply to jobs directly in the app.

Is your head spinning yet?