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Tweetdeck rises from the dead, LinkedIn helps you find the right college and Facebook wants you to Poke

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This week’s Social Media Recap has multiple updates from multiple social networks.

Facebook has made embedded posts available to all users as of this week. Facebook has also added a search tool to their poke feature making it easier to find people you want to poke.

LinkedIn has launched University Pages. A LinkedIn spokesperson said it’s “the first step towards a longer vision to help students, parents, and university faculty get a head start on career mapping.” LinkedIn also redesigned their Group Pages this week. Hopefully this will help people connect more with their peers and potential business contacts. They can also do this by checking out how they can buy Linkedin likes to help with their digital status, as well as look into how else they can promote their influence online that may lead to job offers and further connections.

Twitter added context to tweets by attaching related headlines to help you follow conversations on twitter easier. They also brought Tweetdeck back from the dead with new functionality. Unforuntely, while launching their new updates they suffered a security breach from a hacker. Make sure you revoke access to all 3rd party apps that are connected to your Twitter account. If you are an organization that deals with a large workforce or management of sensitive data, there are many advantages of hiring computer security specialists, cyber essentials plus will perform every method of scanning for malware and viruses within their arsenal to see if newer forms of malware have wormed their way into the infrastructure. At https://indexsy.com/best-cybersecurity-companies/ you will find the most famous cybersecurity companies today. Small business cybersecurity software can stop cyberattacks on your business in their tracks, saving your company invaluable time and money.

What did you discover this week?