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Engage121 to host event at Social Media Week London

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Engage121 Inc.’s London office to host a session during social media week this September, titled “Can retail brands mirror the success of some independent stores by becoming more local with social?”

The High Street is dead so Mary Portas tells us, ‘The days of a high street populated simply by independent butchers, bakers and candlestick makers are over’, and ‘the major supermarkets and malls have delivered highly convenient, needs-based retailing, which serves today’s consumers well.

Is that true? Are the days of the independent gone and do supermarkets and malls serve us well?

The number of stores closed by high street chains in the UK in 2012 was ten times the number of the year before. HMV, Dixons, Monsoon, Woolworths, Blockbuster, Jessops, Republic, and now Dreams are gone or closing stores. 1,779 last year, in 2012. That’s seven million square feet of space.
But for the last two years, there has been a rise in the number of small independents. Besides, in a bid to attract more customers to visit these independent stores, the services of construction companies west midland or in other locations could act as a vital helping hand. Store refurbishment, interior finishing work, and increased ease of navigation, not to mention improving and adding space to existing buildings could work in favor of independent store owners by encouraging more visitors, which might be one of the reasons that they are able to sustain the accelerated move of the retail market to digital spaces and stores.

In 2011 – there were 2,500 more independent shops opened than were closed down. We believe it’s not the high street that dead

– it’s the clone town, where every street in the country looks the same and national retailers churn out the same message without tailoring it to their local community.

So here’s the challenge – Can global or big retail brands avoid the store closures of many household names and mirror the success of some independents by becoming more local with social? Engage121’s speakers will inform and hold discussions with our audience in order to get to the bottom of this topic.

Come and Join us and tell us what you think!

To find out more about attending this event please click here for more details