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How one brand built a trusting social media community

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Here is a great example showing how social media builds trust, engagement and advocacy with this, our latest success story.

Take a look at the latest viral Facebook post that the Social Media Assistant (SMA) team sent out to the Once Upon A Child social media community.

baby food

baby food recall

This post was seen by more than 10,300 people and it all started with 97 Facebook “Likes”.  Do you know why this post was so engaging?  It may have nothing to do with the quality affordable merchandise your customers find at Once Upon A Child. But, it did resonate with your community! So, how does that help you?

SMA Forges A Powerful Bond

Sure, your customers care about what you sell. But, when they walk out of your store, they care about lots more – such as the danger presented by the small pieces of glass in some Stage 2 Beech-Nut CLASSICS sweet potato & chicken.  Of course they do. Your customers are people, too!

Posts like “Beechnut” tell your customers that you are people just like them. You care. Just like they do. And, these shared values create the kind of good will that builds loyalty and trust.

Every day, SMA scours the Internet to find material that casts the most positive light on Once Upon A Child throughout your social media community. It’s what we do better than anyone else!

If you are not taking advantage of all the goodwill we can bring to your business, think about using Engage 121’s Social Media Assistant.

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