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 Important change to Facebook functionality

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Facebook is removing the ability to search for keywords. As a result, any existing EXPLORE searches you have created in Engage121 will no longer generate Facebook keyword search results.

PLEASE note, this will not impact on your ability to monitor and engage on your own pages, which we will continue to accommodate through LISTEN.

However, Facebook’s decision means changes inside Engage121 where we have developed new substitute functionality that still allows you to search for keywords in Facebook.

Effective May 1st, Engage121 will provide you the ability to target keyword searches to 10 specific and pre-identified Facebook pages.

This functionality will maintain your ability to search Facebook for keywords. But, instead of searching all of Facebook – which Facebook now precludes – we will provide you the ability to search a subset of Facebook from the 10 pages where you believe content of interest to you is most likely to be found.

As always, we expect these EXPLORE search results will prove useful for industry analysis, competitive intelligence or other business development reasons. Again, please note that after tomorrow, April 30th, you will not be able to run a search in EXPLORE for Facebook without first identifying the 10 specific Facebook pages you intend to target.

Please see our client email for step-by-step instructions to set these up.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team by email on support@engage121.com OR call 888-607-9655