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Lost Baby Bird Facebook Post A Viral Hit

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lost baby Wild Birds Unlimited of Pittsburgh, PAOne of our client’s “Lost baby bird” Facebook post went viral and engaged over 1,000 people.   What exactly does this mean and why is it important?

Imagine This….

You’re in your store or office, perhaps behind the counter or stocking shelves. A loyal customer walks up and greets you with a big smile, shakes your hand.

Then you notice the customer is not alone. They’ve brought members of their family as well as some of their friends…and not just a few. There’s a dozen…maybe more….and each of them has brought followers of their own.

Picture the Scene…

Then another loyal customer greets you and wouldn’t you know…same thing…they’ve brought along scores of friends…accompanied by their friends. Then it happens again…and again…and again. A very large crowd forms.

And each loyal customer turns to the crowd and says wonderful things about you, how you are the one to see when it’s time to buy bird feed and accessories.

You do a quick head count and realize there might just be a thousand people hearing, and in turn spreading, great things about your business…and you haven’t said a word!

It’s Not Your Imagination: That’s what going viral is all about!

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