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How to Create a Facebook Business Manager

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When you first create your business manager, you’ll just need your Company name, your name and your business email address. Once created, there are a few key pieces to set up.

  1. Business Information:
    1. Legal Business Name
    2. Business Address
    3. Business Phone
    4. Website
    5. Tax ID
  2. Accounts:
    1. Add your Facebook Business page.
    2. Add your Instagram business account. (You have one, right?)
    3. Add your Facebook Ad account, if you already have one.
    4. Once you create a Facebook/Instagram shop, your Commerce Manager account will show up here as well.
  3. Data Sources:
    1. Pixels: This is what your website or app will use to communicate customer actions (product views, add to cart, purchase, etc.) back to Facebook. Pixels can belong to your ad account(s) or your Business Manager directly and are a crucial piece of eCommerce advertising.
    2. Product Catalogs: A product catalog serves as Facebook’s record of your products for use in your Facebook/Instagram shop, and in dynamic product ads.
  4. Brand Safety:
    1. The most important piece here is verifying your Domain with Facebook. This shows Facebook that you are the owner of your website and are the authority in how Facebook interacts with your site. This has become critical with tracking changes being implemented in Apple’s iOS 14.

Once your Business Manager is set up, go to Users>People and add the people you need to work directly in your Business Manager, or go to Users>Partners share assets with agency partners.

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