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Why you need a Facebook Business Manager

By | 2021-06-25T15:36:52+00:00 April 26th, 2021|eCommerce|

Facebook for your business is more than just a page. Now your business can have a Facebook Page, Instagram Business Page, advertising accounts, product catalogs, shopping sites and more. You not only need to keep track of all these different accounts, but who in your company has access to each of them and with what role? Enter Facebook’s Business Manager.

Your Facebook Business Manager serves as the parent record for your business in Facebook. It holds all your pertinent business information and assets and shows Facebook you’re a legitimate business. And it helps you, the business owner, maintain control of your brand on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. But it also allows you to share varying degrees of access with employees, agencies, and sales channels in a controlled manner. Even if you’re working with a digital agency, like Engage121, it’s important for you to own your assets under a Business Manager account.

Take, for example, a scenario where you have one employee who is monitoring your social pages, another managing your ecommerce product and a digital agency running your advertising programs. With Business Manager you just share the appropriate assets (pages, catalogs, accounts etc) with either the employee (to their personal FB account) or the agency (to their business manager). As you change employees or agencies, you just need to go to Business Manager and add/remove the necessary roles. No more hunting down old profile accounts to keep your business running!

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