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Part 1: What is a Retargeting Ad?

What is a Retargeting Ad? A retargeting ad is an online advertisement that shows up to people who have visited a website or shown interest in a product. It uses technology to follow their online activities and display relevant ads on different websites. The goal is to remind them of what they were interested in and encourage them to make a purchase.

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5 Critical Tips for Setting Up Google Merchant Center

Google Shopping is a comparative shopping engine that enables retailers to display their products visually as a result of a consumer's search. With a high conversion rate (2.0%+) and low cost per visitor ($0.66 on average), Google Shopping should be an eCommerce retailer's top marketing tactic. So what's stopping most retailers from using Shopping Ads?

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5 Keys to Successful Dropshipping

Dropshipping is the go-to model for online shippers, whether you are starting a new business or want to fill out your product catalogs. Working with dropshippers eliminates the hassles of warehousing, shipping, and, most importantly, financial investment.

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Making Your Current Shopify Site Faster

According to a recent "State of Online Retail Performance" report from Google, a one second delay in mobile load times of your eCommerce website can impact mobile conversions by up to 20%. Don't panic! This article will provide you with the tools to test your existing Shopify site for speed, determine the fastest and easiest way to improve it and, as a result, keep those lost conversions.

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