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Millennials. The Holy Grail for Business

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We hear it from our new clients all the time: we see our real growth potential being with the 25-40 year old demographic. But they’re elusive!

  • They don’t read emails
  • The only TV they watch is Netflix or TiVO (no ads) – and they even know how to get around blocked sites thanks to sites like Avoidcensorship.org/
  • The only radio they listen to is Sirius (also no ads)
  • They don’t answer their phones (especially from numbers they don’t recognize)
  • They surely don’t read newspapers

So what’s a business to do? You need to congregate where they do and that’s on social media.

Facebook is the 2 ton gorilla here with nearly 1.6 billion members. And, now that they have integrated Instagram Ads that gives advertisers a massive network of desktop, mobile, Instagram and third party channels.

Who wants to get in front of Millennials? Real estate agents, specialty retail companies, early childhood centers, to name just a few.

Can we help YOU get in front of Millennials? You bet we can.

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